Monday, December 29, 2008

Five golden rings

Today is the fifth day of Christmas. Did you get your five golden rings? How was your holiday? Did you have family and friends around? Did you enjoy yourself? Eat to much? Have a great time?

I know our family did. I am being a little more reflective on our lives than usual. We have a young man who is a friend of Kelly's living with us. This is the first holiday he has known in years. He sometimes doesn't know what to think of all our doings. Our family gatherings, our joy of each other, our occasional spats followed by everything being OK. It's kind of weird.

He thought I hated him because Kelly wasn't helping much, but the reality is that it wasn't him, it was Kelly. She made me mad because she wouldn't go by the schedule. The cleaning schedule that so needs to be kept up during the holidays. Everyone has their part and if it isn't done, we all suffer.

Ah, well, everything was great despite the corner mess.

I didn't quite get my knitting completed, but had a few other goodies for my sisters and will send off the completed items as soon as they are completed. Of course, as it always does, now that the holiday is over, the knitting goes much faster. Hopefully I will have all the items completed by the end of the month.

The only bad thing that happened was mine. I was moving a hot crock pot and spilled hot bar b que sauce on my leg. I also tried to catch the crock pot and burned my hand. So as I sit and type, I have a big burn on my right hand and a similar one on my left leg. Luckily Mom had silvadene cream and I have been applying it religiously. It is healing, but still quite tender.

Hope you all had a great holiday.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love it or leave it?

Ok, so do you love the Christmas season? or do you have the same old excuses I've heard for years? Too commercial, too much glitz, too everything.

I love the Christmas season. Now my kids don't get tons of stuff. Quite honestly, they don't need it. They get a few gifts from us, and one or two from each of my sisters and their grandmother. Not lots of stuff. I don't give out lots either. I don't see a need for it.

I like Christmas cards, both sending and receiving. I love Christmas carols, almost all of them.

Christmas season to me isn't about the gifts, although I do make a lot of goodies for family members. To me, it's about time spent with people. Going to Cambridge to meet my sister, Lou, for lunch and to wish each other a wonderful holiday. Going to Barb's home for Thanksgiving dinner and dropping all the rolls on the floor. Laughing so hard our tummys hurt. Meeting up with neighbors.

I like to go shopping at this time of year as well. I am the crazy lady wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Smiling and asking other people their opinion. Just enjoying myself and whoever is with me.

So when you are out shopping or whatever this year, I suggest when you wait in line at the register, talk to the people around you. At the post office ask the person behind you if they are having a good day. Then really listen to the answer. Ask questions, tell people to have a happy holiday, enjoy yourself.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So what are you thankful for this November 26?

I am thankful for so many things:

Spending time with family. How lucky I am that my children and their friends LIKE my husband and I. We don't always get along, but it's wonderful that we all work together for the greater good of family.

The opportunity to be able to make gifts for those I love. OK, everyone knows I love to craft. It's a good excuse to try something new. What am I making now? It's a secret until AFTER the holidays. I would love to make some of those Noro Silk Garden scarves, though. Have you seen the ones the Harlot made? Beautiful.

A job that I like. I don't always like who I am working with, but I do love what I do. I get to touch the future and the past at once. How cool is that!

The ability to learn. I love learning new stuff! And my 'big' research paper is on knitting as relaxation therapy. What a great way to end the semester. Even if I don't get an A, I will be happy because I get to read all kinds of really cool books.

Have a wonderful holiday. Try not to eat too much. Enjoy your time with family. Go shopping on Friday and really freak out people by being HAPPY!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is parent a verb?

Apparently in our home it is. I am glad that teens find our home so welcome.

Ethan has a friend that stays at our house often. His parents are both EMT's and often are gone in the evening. Brandon will stay at our house and help out.

Now, Kelly has a friend who was homeless. Since it was 30 degrees last week, we took him in. I don't know what's going on with his family life, but here he is. He goes to an alternative school and then works in the evenings.

So what's the deal? Is parent a verb? How would you handle it if your child had a friend with no where to go? Would you help them out?

This teen is 18 and an adult by all standards, except that he doesn't have a high school education yet. How can anyone in the US or any first world country, consider it acceptable that young people are not getting the most basic education? Is this the 21st century? Or the 19th? This kid doesn't have a bank account of any kind, doesn't have medical care, doesn't know anything about living on his own, except what he's learned by his limited experiences.

Who will teach these displaced children how to really be productive citizens?

I guess our family has the opportunity to see where it's values truly are.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Fill In

Borrowed from P3knitter's blog

Friday Fill In's come from other blogs, but are fun to do. Here is this week's fill in

1. My favorite food seasoning is garlic- love it as a seasoning.
2. Wind through the fall leaves is music to my ears.
3. Lucky is having great friends and family to see you through tough times
4. Education is something I take very seriously.
5. Many people find I have a lot of passion for many different things.
6. Cat and dog food was the last thing I bought at the store.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing and cleaning my knitting corner, tomorrow my plans include going to Urbana for the last football game of the season and Sunday, I want to finish the living room so I can say it's done.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The end of an era

Once again, it has been two weeks since I blogged. Life has been scattered to say the least. Between my own classes, football games, and college visits, we have been very busy.

My class is going well. So far, my average is a high 'B'. I am hoping my research paper will pull it on up to an A. The topic of my research paper is 'How knitting helps us unplug from the electronic world'.

Ethan and Baylor are done with football for the year. YEAH ! I get a reprieve from filling water tanks for a while. They didn't do well with their overall record, but they had lots of key-player injuries. Hopefully things will be better next year. The reserve team did pretty well, with only two losses. Now we are moving on to wrestling. I will miss the football fridays the next few weeks. Since this was Ethan's last year, it is truly the end of an era.

Ethan has me running on numerous college trips. So far, he has had me at Capital, Kenyon and Oberlin. All were really nice colleges, but Oberlin and Capital by far stand out. He is taking his dad to Wabash this weekend. I am going to watch Kelly march for the last time this season.

So now, I am going to go home and CLEAN!!! TJ has spent way to much time at home by himself lately and has a tendency to tear up stuff while we are gone. This means that I have to clean all this up. My goal is to get the front of the living room done tonight, as well as some dishes (also left stacked in the sink and washed only when we cannot find a spoon), and laundry. Hopefully by the weekend, I will have the house caught up enough you can walk through without tripping. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Classes and more

So, it's been about two weeks since I wrote. We survived the hurricane in our inland place. We have had numerous football games, some good some bad.

Ethan did very well at the last game. He had 102 yards rushing and a 48 yard TD. He was so stoked! It was a great win. I hope we do as well tonight, since we have homecoming.

This week was also district soil judging. Ethan went as well as several others from NE. Our team swept the top 10. We had four students go and NE placed first, second, third and ninth. Next step is state soil judging.

Kelly is still loving college. She has been very busy this week, since it is UU homecoming also.

Baylor is worn out from trying to get everything done. It is very cool here and it makes everyone feel tired.

Finally, I am taking a class this semester. It is English 101. I got an A on my first paper! I was really amazed, because I didn't consider it an A paper. She thought it was so good, she wanted to read it aloud.

Well, off to the next step of the race. Three (maybe 4) football games and lots of stuff. Plus my birthday on Sunday!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk like a Pirate Day

Avast Mateys! It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Aaarrrrgh!

All you football landlubbers out there will know that Friday is football day and a glorious day it is.

The sun is shining, it promises to be a beautiful crisp night and I cannot wait.

We will be making those scurvy Mechanicsburg Indians walk the plank, I hope (fingers and toes crossed!).

The freshman team beat Ben Logan last night in a great game. It was 8 to 8 when I got there at half time. By the time the fourth quarter ended, the score was 28 to 14. Baylor had tons of yardage and scored a TD. YEAH!!!!!!

Hope all you pirates talk to each other today. Have a great weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well. Springfield Ohio may not be on any coast, but we had a hurricane yesterday. Hurricane force winds in excess of 60 mph hit our area of Ohio, bringing us all to our knees.

Schools were closed. My kids worked on clean up today. I hope they thought to take photos, but I would guess not. We had no power at 6:30 last night and as far as I know we still don't.

Doggie Dog would jump at every crash, bash and roll of hickory nuts on the roof. We were lucky. We had very little damage. Neighbors had trees crash into cars, buildings torn down, lots of damage.

The worst is our truck shed blew apart. It was barely hanging on as it was, so no big surprise. Ethan was lucky and took his truck up to the barn to work with his steer. Before he came home, his basketball hoop, that weighs about 1,000 pounds, blew over right where he parks his truck!

With no power, there was no TV, so we entertained ourselves. Baylor made shadow puppets on the wall until 10. Kelly and I knitted by lantern until 11. Ethan tried to plug in his phone to extend the power, then realized why it wasn't working. Then again, we all did that.

Some really good (or bad as the case may be) photos can be seen at

In other news, I am taking a class and probably turned in the worst paper I have ever written. I typed it during the storm and after I printed and tried to get home, I found all kinds of mistakes.

Ethan and Baylor are enjoying their football season. Ethan had a game of peaks and valleys on Friday. There was the fumble where he lost the ball, and the interception where he ran it in for a TD. There was a 52 yard punt return and having it called back.

Ethan also had county soil judging Thursday. He said it went Ok. Northeastern blasted past all over FFA's in the area in both rural and urban judging. Oh, and Ethan was the top at either. Not that I am proud or anything. MY KIDS ROCK!!!!!

So, here is a photo, just for fun

Check out the NIKE swoosh Ethan had his barber, Linda, put in his hair. It really isn't this noticable, but kinda cool.

Monday, August 25, 2008

FAlling for Ewe Autumn Yarn Swap Q&A

  1. Do you knit or crochet? How long have you been at your craft? A proud knitter since I was 8. My grandmother's taught me when I was little. They used either acrylic or wool, none of the glorious stuff we use today.
  2. Do you spin? What type of spinning? No, that's why they created mills.
  3. Are there any other crafts you participate in? Sure, cross stitch, sewing, all kinds of crafts. I have a whole room dedicated to crafting. My kids all craft, too.
  4. What are your favorite yarns/fibers? I like just about anything. Am especially fond of local hand dyes and locally spun yarn. It fascinates me to see what others across the country are coming up with. What are your least favorite yarns/fibers?Although they have their place, I do not use a lot of acrylics for anything but charity knitting.
  5. What are your favorite colors? Red, Blue, Purple, Green... Just about anything. I use a lot of 'school colors' since we are a football family. Lots of Cardinal and gold for the high school and now royal and white for my daughter's college. What are your least favorite colors? Oranges, but even then it depends on the shades.
  6. Are there any yarns/brands that you are dying to work with but never have? As I said before, I love yarns that are locally dyed. It's fun to see what people on the coasts are doing differently than the mid-west.
  7. What is/are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? I like everything and usually have several projects going at a time. It just depends on the day. Guess some would consider this ADD.
  8. What are you currently working on? Anything you plan to work on this autumn? Hmmm.... I have a pair of socks for my daughter that is 2/3 done, several squares for a Warm Up America afghan, an afghan for the HS to auction...huh, guess that's it for now. I need to start working on Christmas gifts.
  9. What is your favorite FO? I just completed a 'Buckeye Bag' based on a pattern by Knit Picks. It was so much fun! It was my first attempt at Entrelac and I really enjoyed it.
  10. What is your oldest UFO? I have an afghan I started 30 years ago in my basement. Perhaps I should just bind it off and use it. It's probably usable as it is.
  11. Are there any techniques that you want to learn? Lace. I love the look and, thanks to my last swapper, have several skeins of beautiful lace weight and patterns to go with them.... hey, maybe I'll start one tonight!
  12. Are you on Rav? What’s your ID? YES! I love Ravelry. I am knitty78
  13. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements? Most definitely. I wear a 8 1/2
  14. Do you collect anything? Other than great memories? no. I do like stuff, just don't have a specific collection.
  15. Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift? No.
  16. Do you love sweets? What are your favorites? Yes, chocolates, caramels, anything really.
  17. What are your favorite scents? Natural scents, musky scents, good-smelling-man scents.
  18. Where do you keep your needles/hooks? I have a tote I keep them in. My doggie-dog has a penchant for bamboo, so I have to keep them out of his line of site.
  19. Do you have a wishlist (Amazon, Etsy, etc?) Not really, but I do love to read.
  20. Having a birthday this fall? Guess what? October 5th!!!!
  21. Are you allergic to anything??? Work? Dirty dishes? Does that count?
  22. What is your favorite type of music? Are you MP3 ready? Mostly country and classic rock. I am not an MP3 baby.
  23. What is your living situation like? Any pets? Children? Dear Husband, 3 teens, Kelly, 19, Ethan, 17 and Baylor 15. One dog, one cat and her 5 kittens. Want one?
  24. Do you have an online wish list (Amazon, Etsy, Loopy Ewe, etc.)? Nope. I like just about anything.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Football season

is here! This week is the official start of football, but we had a scrimmage on Friday and organization of the team began weeks ago!

I LOOOVE football. We always have such a great time.

Ethan is healing nicely and may play Friday against our arch-rivals (as well as sister school) Kenton Ridge! I hope he gets to play, but his ankle gets stronger every day.

Baylor is ready to play and is really excited. He said at first he didn't want to play, but the closer we get to the season starting, the more excited he is.

Even Kelly is excited. Her first game is August 30th.

We scrimmaged Shawnee on Friday and won! The boys spent the post game at Frisch's and I went home. Kelly had welcome weekend and needed a ride home. She was overwhelmed by all the 'new stuff'... new people, new faces, no one she knows.

Ah, well, that's part of college. We will go through all this again next year with Ethan.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

bad blogger, very bad

I went to my blog and found I haven't written a thing in TWO WEEKS! OMG! It's not like I have nothing to write about.

So, we still do not have an engine for the Escort. The Direct TV is shut off. DH bought a truck from a friend and his nephew was bringing home a bobcat and rear ended a Caddie (totaled) and we are still short vehicles.

Baylor got a concussion at football practice and had to sit out for almost a week. He is fine now and luckily that was pre-season. He isn't very happy, though, because he is doing a LOT of work around the farm.

Ethan was injured in Saturday's scrimmage. I told him he shouldn't talk about never being injured in a game. He was tackling a student from Graham and several others went on top of him. Sprained his ankle really badly. Today was his first day with a shoe on since. He said he did well and he is going to be NE's featured player in the Football Preview!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Kelly went to Urbana for their Jump Start program. She had a great time. This week is a little tougher. Since she doesn't have a car, someone needs to take her to band practice and pick her up. DH usually takes her and I pick her up. Of course, we take doggie-dog with us. He can hear her coming and waits with his tail wagging. Last night, Kelly went out with some friends from the band to the cinema and then to Frisch's for hot fudge cake. Welcome Weekend starts tomorrow.

I have been trying to help Baylor with cattle care, DH with grandma care and keep working. It's a crazy life. Tomorrow is our second scrimmage against Shawnee. It should be good. We are also having Meet the Team night.

Well, I should do some actual work this evening.

Friday, August 1, 2008

still no photos

but some really great stories.

As everyone knows, you get a lot of teens together and tell them to behave, they don't. The fair is no exception.

Hmmm.... where to begin.... well, Ethan broke up with his long-time girlfriend Morgan. We will see how this goes, but there was a lot of fighting, animals were threatened and overall mayhem. More on that story later.

Several of the last-year kids were arrested the last night of the fair for various things. Underaged drinking, fighting, etc. Good thing this is their last year. Our fair has a strict policy. Any illegal activities and the following happens: Your animal sells for market price only and is removed from the fairgrounds, you are asked to remove yourself from the fairgrounds, you are ineligible to show an animal at the next fair.

I am not saying my kids are perfect, but they managed to stay out of too much trouble last week. WHEW!

I received my second Summer of Yarn Love goodie box. I really love swaps and will have to find another after this one ends. Anyway, my spoiling swapper sent the following: A small rooster tray perfect for desktop catchall, several beautiful notepads, I am always looking for notepads, a pattern for a lace scarf, June is for Jag from Ravelry, and 3 beautiful skeins of Berroco Seduce. Yes the same yarn the Harlot recently made her tank in. It is in the Chana Dal colorway and is beautiful and soft. I cannot wait to start on it! The scarf pattern will be perfect and it will be a great light weight scarf to wear in the fall or early spring. Of course, gold is always good. I love the color. Kelly, who doesn't even like gold colors, loves it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When it rains...

You know how it is. We just came off a week at the fair, with LOTS of interesting things to talk about and all I can obsess on is what went wrong when we got back.

I promise a post about the fair, but first, a few woes of the farm.

On Monday, I noticed my husband's car (an old Escort wagon that Kelly uses often) at his mother's house, yet he was at home. I asked what was going on. He said the Escort blew up. Of course, I didn't believe him entirely. He took it to Scotty's to have it checked out. Yep, blew up. Doesn't work. Something in the bottom of the engine broke. Will look for a replacement engine, but it's really hard to say. What does this mean?

Well, if he cannot find a replacement engine, we will have to buy yet ANOTHER vehicle, since Kelly is commuting to college starting in a mere TWO WEEKS! She goes to Jump Start next week. I hope she likes it.

What else could happen, you ask? How about a refrigerator that doesn't work. Yes, that's right. My tried and true, close to 20 year old fridge gave up. Kelly was running groceries up to her Grandmother's house to keep them cool until we can get another. OMG! She said she found some really disgusting stuff in the back of the fridge. Some things she could not identify.

I thought I got all the 'really icky stuff' cleaned out before fair, but apparently not.

Ah, well. Off to a football meeting! We should have a great year. GO JETS!

Oops, sorry.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My favorite summer memories

For our Summer of Yarn Love swap contest, we are to blog about our favorite summer memories. Let me say, I love summer. Of course, I also love spring, fall and winter.

Summer holds some wonderful memories. As a teen, I was in 4H and showed lambs. Each year, we would choose two to three lambs each (with three of us, that's a lot of lambs) and raise them to show at the fair.

Once, for showmanship, we were told to move to the next lamb over. This is to see how we react to a new animal. One whose temperment we did not know. There was my sister and I competing and when this happened, there was a young FFA student next to my sister. He took her lamb, who was kind of skittish. Her lamb took off like lightning. At the time, the show arena was open and we chased the lamb all over the fairgrounds.

Of course, now my children show cattle in FFA and 4H. Every year we have a great time. It's like a great big family reunion. You see people that you only see at the fair. We all work hard and play hard.

There is Donna, Carol, Patty and all the people who work in the Arts & Crafts building. They are funny, caring and wonderful people to know. We sit as we man our shift in the department and talk about what all has happened, what is going to happen, what is we've done, what we hope to do.

There are the 4H people. We set our pens up for the calves the Wednesday before the fair starts. We all have fun working together to make the area look great. Kids, parents, everyone. We work the ice cream tent for a fundraiser. We set up our 4H booth for the miscellaneous projects on Friday. Lots of fun and creativity go into that.

The FFA people are the 4H people in high school. Many of the same kids we have in our FFA chapter started in 4H. Some are still in 4H. They are funny interesting and self sufficient.

We walk around all day, every day for 8 days, talking to everyone we see, eating funnel cakes, sweet corn, pork chops, salads, giant baked potatoes with butter, cheese and bacon.

We don't worry about work, that will wait. We enjoy everyone's successes and mourn the sale of the animals, knowing they are going to be on someone's table in the next month.

Then, just when you think it's all over, there is the pig and calf scramble. Twenty boys for the calf scramble, twenty girls for the pig scramble, lots of mud, half as many animals as kids, and half come off the track with animals. Last year, of the 10 boys who got steers, 9 are in our FFA chapter!

So, I guess that county fair is my favorite summer memory.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Duck Tales

OK, so as you may or may not know, Ethan raises ducks for FFA. They are cute as can be as the photo shows. I like ducks. You don't have to do much, there's not much cost involved and you can carry them, when necessary.

The ducks are a lot larger now than this photo taken a mere two weeks ago. They are all white and weigh between 5 and 8 lbs. each. They do not bite because they are handled daily. But Duck Wrangling is my new past time. Why?

Well, last night there were a series of BAD storms coming through our area. Ethan left for football conditioning at 5, before the storms moved in. I stopped for gas on the way home and noticed the first storm rolling in. Called home to see if Kelly would put the ducks in the garage in the kennel. A dog kennel works really well for overnight protection for ducks (for those considering this). Kelly is totally grossed out about touching the ducks so I told her I would take care of them when I got home.

On the way home, I kept hoping, praying the rain would hold off...just a little while.... but NOOOOO! I got about 2 miles from home when the first drops hit the windshield. By the time I got to the corner of Villa and Derr, I had to wind up my windows. By the time I got to Villa and Rt. 4, it was raining buckets.

So here I am in my work clothes, running down the hill, grabbing a duck and running back up the hill to put them in the garage! In sandals! In the pouring rain! With lightning! Did I tell you about the lightning? It was everywhere. I was just hoping we wouldn't get hit.

By the time I got all three in the garage, I was soaked to the bone. Of course, it being Tuesday, my mom came by to pick me up for bowling. I stood in the rain and told her I would be ready as soon as I changed clothes. She thought it was most amusing.

Oh, and why did I only bring 3 in when there are 6 in the photo. I know, inquiring minds want to know.

About a week ago, it was 10 before Ethan got his ducks in the garage. Kelly told him the ducks were making a lot of noise, but by the time he got to them one was dead and another dying. We think it was a fox or a raccoon. The third went home with another FFA student whose ducks met a similar demise.

Will let you in on my theory. There are 172 students showing ducks at the fair in FFA and 4H this year. I believe the sales committee is trying to eliminate some so there aren't as many.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Swap box photo

OK, so I finally got a photo I could use.

Anyway, my Summer of Yarn Love secret swapper was SOOO good to me. This is evidenced in the ooohs and aaahs of co-workers, also yarn lovers (one knitter and one crocheter!)

So, here is the photo:

In case you cannot tell what all is there, here is a list:

Two, count them two, wonderful wash rags. I love these. They are great for dishes OR and this is my personal favorite, great as face rags. Bumpy enough to gently exfoliate, soft enough to want to use.

One set of size 6 wooden needles. I love wood and prefer it to metal. Thank you swap friend.

One set of little lamb stitch markers that I am going to have to hide from my daughter, a fellow knitter.

Notecards. I love good notecards and think the written word is sorely going away.

Cologne. Yummy.

Christmas ornaments. How did (s)he know I collect Christmas ornaments?

A candle that made the whole box smell wonderful. I close and open the box just to get the smell over again.

And the piece de resistance: 4 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Wonderfully soft and I cannot find it locally, so I was hesitant. I am a tactile buyer, but will definitely consider this for my stash! I love to pet it. And the colors are so pretty... two shades of green... now... what to create.... hmmm.....


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swap box and raspberries

Woo Hoo! My swap box arrived! It is glorious and actually arrived last week. I am just a terrible blogger.

I will post photos tomorrow, as I don't have my car or camera today.

Things are so busy with our farm right now. Fair is coming up in 18 short days. The black raspberries are in full swing and life is busy.

We have been so busy getting ready for the fair. I am working on some open class projects, Kelly and Baylor are finishing 4H projects, the ducks are getting big, the steers have really long hair! Nothing beats going to the fair.

Black raspberries are really good this year. My FIL planted a few plants about 20 years ago. He died about 10 years ago and no one has really done anything with the orchard and the berries since. The berries grow wild though the orchard and anywhere else they can take root. Baylor and I picked about 10 pounds of berries on Sunday. There are still tons on the vine waiting to ripen.

It's always interesting to pick berries, though. They are in the trees, along the fencerows, everywhere. And the paths to the berries have to be made as you find them. It's a lot of good exercise, bending stretching, climbing. Even though I were jeans and a long sleeve denim shirt, I am covered in scratches and bug bites. But the berries are SOOO good.

We have several loads of hay paid for and that is always good. I have already started shopping for my next box, stopping at several shops in Columbus, looking for just the right things.

Well, more tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

severe weather

Everytime we mow hay, it rains. That's just a fact. DH had about 30 acres in our backyard down. It rained.

It dried out nicely yesterday, although not the pretty sage green color most people like for their animals. Just as DH and the boys were finishing up, a big storm blew in. I mean, you could see lightening for miles! The winds were so strong, I couldn't get the doors open to get in!

Ethan got his ducks in a washtub to bring in to the garage. He didn't think they should spend their first night out in a storm. They were snug in the garage last I saw them.

In other news, Baylor is at 4H camp this week. I will miss having my baby home. I know he's having a ball, probably rooming with Austin and Lane. What a group of goofy boys!

TJ went to the vet this morning. He's at a wopping 41 lbs. He got his last set of shots. YEAH!! Now he just needs to be neutered. That will come after the fair. Here's a photo of my baby:
He's a good dog, and smart, too. He was chasing the neighbors chickens and she made him sit and listen and said 'Don't be a dumb dog, be a smart puppy. Don't chase the chickens'. He didn't chase them the rest of the night.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy Week

OK, so we had Kelly's grad party and I would love to post some photos, but the camera is on Ethan's desk with dead batteries.

It seems as though we are running a hundred miles an hour. I was off two days last week, so the stuff is piled (and I do mean PILED) up on my desk. My computer keeps blinking and I don't know what will stay and what won't.

I work as a demographics assistant at the university. This means I enter data on everyone in our database. I average about 100 changes a day, so you can just imagine what happens when you are off for two days. Add to that the fact that our database is merging to the student side and we have tons of reports for verification. YUCK!!! Leads to some pretty busy workdays.

There is a huge storm system coming through and there is a chance for tornadoes. You just never know. I am fascinated by good heavy storms. The power of nature is amazing. If I didn't have children, I would be a storm chaser.

Well, it is another weekend. So glad for it. Baylor is going to 4H camp on Monday so I have to make sure his clothes are cleaned and ready to go. I also have to clean a path to the washer. Remember the boys cleaning the kitchen? All the stuff in the kitchen the boys moved out to clean they put in the hall to the laundry room! It's an obstacle course through there.

Oh, and Ethan and Brandon were going to move the ducks out to the run today. Hard to believe just two short weeks ago they were tiny little ducklings. I already noticed adult feathers on some of them. He's hoping for about a 10 lb. duck this year. Last year, his squeaked into the fair at just 5 lbs. Yes, there is a minimum weight requirement.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Have I mentioned this month

how great my kids are?

This has been a hectic week. I went to King's Island on Monday with my youngest, Baylor and his friends. We had a lot of fun. Justin cut his hair in a mohawk for the event and I think they rode every coaster down there.

Baylor, Justin, Brenton and Keegan, as well as a very large group of middle schoolers for South Vienna, went as part of their incentive program. If the kids are good all year, they get an incentive trip for each quarter. If they make all 4 field trips, they go to King's Island.

The rest of the week, we have been desperately trying to get ready for Kelly's grad party. I cannot believe it's this weekend. Laura and her family are coming up from South Carolina. Lou and her family are coming in from PA. The first time in 5 years all of us are together at the same time.

Last night, I came home to the boys cleaning the kitchen. And I don't just mean doing the dishes and wiping the counter tops. Ethan and Baylor took everything out of the cupboards, cleaned the cupboards and put everything back. It's amazing. Ethan said he could get the whole house done this way, but I doubt that would happen. There are two many other things that need done when the sun shines and since we got 4 inches of rain yesterday, it was a good thing to fill the day.

Kelly went to Cedar Point with her band today. It's probably the last event she will go to with these kids. She will see them throughout the next 4 years, but probably not go to events. It's 90 degrees and sunny, so I hope she remembers to put on sun screen. She has two skin tones, white and red.

Well, I have the day off tomorrow, so since my fam is in town, I am sure the last thing I want to do is blog. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a weekend

I am going to try adding photos to this post, so this may have photos (I hope).

The weekend was fabulous. Kelly did graduate. It was glorious. There were 7(!) Valedictorians and Salutatorians. All gave speeches. That's a lot of talking. Kelly's band friends all yelled for her when she went across the stage.

Her dress was beautiful. It was a great idea to cut off a wedding gown. Here is the dress:

Then there were parades. The Catawba Memorial Day parade was Sunday. A beautiful blue sky day. It was perfect. The Springfield parade was Monday morning. The parade was done before the rain.

In other news, Ethan and Brandon, with Baylor's help, built a duck pen. The ducks are in today. They will be too small to put in the pen for about 3 weeks, but hopefully, we will get some meat on these ducks.

Oh, and Ethan and Brandon are growing tobacco for FFA. They came home with 15 plants last night. It should be interesting.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation day

The day is finally here! Kelly is graduating tonight.

I have been asking her all week if she is sure she is graduating. She kept assuring me she was. Now the day is here. I am SSSSOOOOOOO EXCITED!

Commencement will be in the HPER center on Wittenberg's campus. Since I work in the Alumni office, she came in with me and went to practice this morning. I told her I wanted to take her, Robyn and Karalyn to lunch. They all came back and it was fun.

I introduced them to everyone that is actually here. Being a holiday weekend, there aren't many here.

We went to Mike & Rosy's for lunch. Robyn and Karalyn had never been to M&R. It was delicious as always.

Now they are all at home resting. Kelly has plans to go out for midnight bowling after graduation.

The robes they wear are cardinal (boys) and gold (girls). Kelly asked her principal what she should wear under the robe. He asked her to wear something light colored. Kelly does not do light colors. So she took Robyn and some others with her to the Goodwill store. We were there on Saturday and they had wedding dresses for $20. Well, she came home with one!

It is beautiful with an embroidered bodice. We cut off the bottom to tea length, put the original trim back on the bottom, took out the back zipper and added some lacing tabs. It looks great on her.

We don't have photos of the finished product yet, but it turned out great. Her friends will be so surprised.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer of Yarn Love swap

I need a swap like I need a hole in the head, but have always loved swapping with others.

I joined the Summer of Yarn Love swap! I think it will be exciting. It is such a great way to connect to others across the US! Kelly and I did a lot of swaps while she was in scouts...postcards, christmas ornaments, council patches. It was always fun. Now that she is out of scouts, this is a chance to continue this fun. I did the Wee Tiny Sock swap and it was a lot of fun.

So, here is my Summer of Yarn Love Q&A:

Do you knit or crochet? How long have you been at your craft?
I am a knitter. I do not crochet, although my maternal grandmother spent hours trying to teach me. My paternal grandmother was a knitter as well. I was lucky enough to have a 4th grade teacher who taught a group of us to knit. My grandmother lived 300 miles away and once she found out I could knit, she stoked the fire by teaching a little more and sending me wool, scratchy, itchy wool.

Do you spin? What type of spinning?
I love the thought of spinning, but love creating wearables more. We live about 2 miles from a custom mill that specializes in alpaca and llama yarns. I would like to try dyeing sometime. The thought of creating custom colorways sounds like fun.

What are your favorite yarns/fibers? What are your least favorite yarns/fibers?
I love natural fibers or better man- made fibers. I usually use merino, bamboo and soy fibers. I would love to find some other plant based fibers, such as corn based. Oh, and I have some alpaca yarn that is scrumptious. It is brightly colored, soft as silk and wonderful to work with.
My least favorite is the old time wools that are scratchy and acrylics that are icky.

What are your favorite colors? What are your least favorite colors?
I love just about any color, depending on my mood. It seems I buy a lot of 'hot' colors, but like the cool ones. Anything goes, depending on the project.

Are there any yarns/brands that you are dying to work with but never have?
I would like to try different plant materials, but love to try local fibers. I always try to visit LYS that carry their own brands, just to have something a little different than what I can get at home. Colorways are different around the country, spins are different, and it makes life interesting.

What is/are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet?
I love to knit socks and other items from sock yarn. I also like to work on other types of projects including sweaters, afghans, etc.

What are you currently working on? Anything you plan to work on this summer?
Currently I am working on a pair of socks for my daughter in a Wild Cherry colorway, an afghan in our high school colors (cardinal/gold/white) for an auction for our annual fundraiser. I am planning on starting my Christmas knitting by knitting each of my sisters and my mother a shawl in various yarns and would like to make a few shells to wear.

What is your favorite FO? (Post a pic if you would like.)
What is my favorite? I really do not have one. The ones I use the most are a pair of broadripple socks, my first pair, and a scarf I made to wear with my black coat. Although the scarf started as a dressy scarf, it is now a barn scarf, with bits of straw and hay embedded in it.

What is your oldest UFO?
OMG... you don't really want to know. If I dug around I could find an afghan I started 20 years ago. We moved several times and I just lost track of all the pieces.

Are there any techniques that you want to learn?
Lace knitting. I joined a Goddess Knits KAL for the summer. I would love to knit a beautiful lace shawl for Kelly, my daughter, and Morgan, Ethan's GF.

Are you on Ravlery? What's your ID?
Well, I am registered, but need to get some items posted. My ID is knitty78.

Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
I love knitting socks. It's like magic. You go along in the tube, do some short rows and Viola! a sock is born. I wear an 8 1/2 shoe.

Do you collect anything?
Yarn, beads, crafty stuff. I love shells. I guess you could say I collect Christmas ornaments, but really we just have a lot of them. I am not a collector per se, just love memories associated with objects. Anything that reminds me of a friend is wonderful.

Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift?
I would love to have both, but since I don't, I go to my LYS and have her wind hanks for me.

Do you love sweets? What are your favorites?
Doesn't everyone? I love chocolate and caramel but try not to have too much. I have a tendency to overindulge. I heard once that M&Ms are the preferred candy of crafters.

What are your favorite scents?
I love natural scents: crisp linens, soft flowers, warm musk, that kind of scents.

Where do you keep your needles/hooks?
I keep them in a plastic tote with a lid. This way, I always know where they are and my dog cannot chew on them. He chewed a pair of circular 8's to chips! Was I mad, well a little, but he's a puppy and he has good taste. He loves the better needles and wool. How could I be mad at that?

Do you have a wishlist (Amazon, Etsy, etc?)
Not really

Having a birthday this summer?
No, my birthday is in October, the middle of football season

Are you allergic to anything??? Please let your pal know!
Does stupid people count? Oooh, that sounds so bad. No, I am not allergic to anything.

Well, this was fun and enlightening.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

End of school year and what a great kid!

OK, I will admit it. I was worried that Kelly wasn't going to graduate. But it looks like she will. And even if she doesn't, let me just say she is the best kid in the world.

Tonight is the Band Banquet... her senior band banquet. And what is she doing? She is setting up the commons for this event right now.

Kelly called earlier and asked what she could do to help. I told her the consternation at the fact that no one was setting up. She cleaned the coolers and left to set up!

What a great kid. She just does what needs done.

Monday, May 5, 2008

So much in such a short amount of time

Well, what can I say, life has been hectic on the farm.

Let's see, Kelly and I went to see the always fun Yarn Harlot in Indy on the 29th. It was so much fun. We left Springfield around noon, visited Ewetopia in Troy. A nice little shop. VERY quiet, though. Then we moved on across 70 to Indianapolis. We stopped at Keepsake Fiber Arts

Keepsake is a cute shop. They have just about everything! A lot of goodies and I just couldn't make a decision. Kelly picked up some Cascade 220 in Green and Silver to make a Slytherian scarf. I hope she sticks with it!

I picked up some Cascade Heathers sock yarn in a deep peacock colorway. Lots of colors. Then there were two skeins of a beautiful german yarn in yellows, greens and browns. I reminds me of hay fields.

Then we were off to see the Harlot. Of course, Kelly in a bookstore is a thing to behold. She wanted to buy everything. We browsed, got our books for signing, then I waited patiently as Kelly browsed some more. I met some really interesting people while we were waiting.

Once the Harlot showed up, it was wonderful. She spoke for 90 minutes or more on such topics as 'Knitting makes you smarter' (Something about Beta, Alpha, Delta and Theta brain waves). 'Knitting makes you patient' (think about how you were before you knit! Now you know you have to be patient to achieve that wonderful product), and that people can be rude to you if you knit, but it's always best to have a snappy comeback.

Well, we got our books signed about 10:30, stopped at McD's for chicken nuggets for Kelly and then back home, arriving about 1 AM as predicted.

It was glorious!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why are men

so dense? I mean, what is it that makes them treat their oldest son as though he is not doing all he can? What makes them treat their daughters as though they are just not quite good enough?

For example, my husband is a good man, albeit with old fashioned attitudes. Our daughter is 18 and fully capable of just about anything. She doesn't always know what her father is wanting her to do, though, because since she started developing as a woman, her father is sort of at a loss.

DH is looking for someone to show a heifer at the fair this summer. He has asked both of the boys, ages 17 and 14. Yes, Kelly isn't the best showman, but she has never been told exactly HOW to show, therefore, she is just learning as she goes. I inquired about showing the heifer. "He won't ask me Mom, I don't have a penis". How heartbreaking is that? I mean what is he teaching her about what she can and cannot accomplish in life?

Second example: My 17 year old son plays baseball in the spring, football in the fall. He is also extremely busy with end-of-school-year stuff, since he is on the Honors tract. Last night, he got in about 9 PM and was working on a school project, having been at a baseball game and an FFA officer interview. His father called him and wanted him to go check out some stuff in the barn, since he was working across the county. Kelly was just at the barn not two hours before, but he didn't call her. Ethan was at the barn for about an hour. Of course, the question came up: Why are you still working on homework.

Now granted, it isn't often Ethan has homework, but when he does, it is time consuming stuff. And he doesn't want any help. So he was up until about 1, finishing his project. There were issues with markers, scissors, etc. I helped as much as I could and he was still frustrated this morning. I asked DH about calling Ethan instead of Kelly. 'Kelly wouldn't understand and Ethan wasn't doing anything last night' was the response. OK, Ethan may not have been home, but he was doing stuff, just not what his father considered important. It was important to Ethan.

So anyway: I wish I had some 'learning needles' with me last night. I could probably have taught the whole softball team to knit while we waited for the baseball team to throw away the game, which they did spectacularly. I started a pair of socks (again, third times the charm) and they were fascinated.

I need to make up some learning needles this weekend. Next week, baseball and softball are away. I could have a captive group. (HE HE HE!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

So much to tell

Back on the farm... life is as crazy and wonderful as always.

A week ago was the school musical, The Music Man. It was a fantastic performance. Kelly has the 'mom attitude' perfect. The leads were wonderful and it was a great show. I loved watching the students do 'the Shipoopy'.

The Band Parent Association (BPA) did concessions. The president of the association and I split the duties with Juniors and Seniors providing for Friday and Freshman and Sophomores for Saturday. It worked out really well. It only took us 4 years to get it right.

This past week was the big push for the Golden Splendor. I was the chair for the first time. It was a success! We had wonderful food, catered by a local restaurant. There were lots of good things to bid on in the silent and live auctions. All my kids were at the event, either working or as a guest. There was soft jazz in the background. It was great.

We worked so hard to get everything together. DH went to pick up tables on Friday. Kelly helped us set up on Friday evening. We were all set up by 10, a new record! Usually it is an all night event.

Saturday I spent the morning trying to decide what to wear. I settled on the black fringed skirt, a white blouse and red cowboy boots. It's a country school, so it works. Even if it didn't this is my style.

Once there, I was sooo nervous, until people started showing up. We had about 180 people show up. It was wonderful. The past chair told me I did a great job, which makes me SOOO happy.

So, what did I end up buying? Well... there was a framed print called American Gothic, but not the classic one. This is the one has a gothic teen. It is so funny and DH thought Kelly should have it.

Then there was the Jets sweatshirt. I found out I was bidding against a friend, so I gave it to her. I have a closet full of Jet gear. She kept offering to pay for it. I told her it's a gift, just take it and love it.

Finally, there is the Cascade ripple throw in ivory.

Now I need to decide what two skeins of Cascade 220 to go with it. I thought I would bring it back next year to auction off.

Well, the next events are Prom and FFA Banquet. It will be the 50th anniversary of FFA at Northeastern, so they are having a special celebration.

For now, I am going to lunch.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Balancing Act

You know those weeks when everything needs to be done at once? This is one of those weeks. I started out fairly certain I could get it all done, but now am not so sure.

Kelly is having dress rehearsals for the Music Man this week. I cannot wait for the weekend. Of course, she needs stuff before Friday. Her hair had to be dyed one color (it is now semi-sweet chocolate brown) and some undergarments that will work for a white blouse. Not a color she usually wears, so not an issue, usually.

We are 10 days from the Golden Splendor. In these last few days, we are soliciting donations. I have been to three places so far and received donations from all of them. Also, am trying to see if anyone else wants a reservation for the dinner. It should be yummy, with roasted pecan chicken, steamed green beans, twice baked potato cassarole, tossed salad and turtle or raspberry cheesecake. I need to call the caterer to see if we can extend the reservation count.

I was going to have dinner with Ruth, a friend I met in a devotional. I had to cancel because of all the other stuff going on. I told her we would try in two weeks.

Of course, the afghan I am knitting is no where near finished. Ah, well, maybe it will be completed next year.

Ethan has baseball this week, a game everyday between now and Saturday. I went to the first actual game last night. Before then, I was only at an inning or two along the way.

Then, on top of everything else, our Band Parent president reminds me we have concessions for the play! I am to call all the freshman and sophomores to ask for baked good donations and a few workers for the concession on Saturday.

Well, only one more week and then I can relax. Only 18 more hours to work this week!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Monday

What a glorious weekend! After a day at the high school, providing concessions for the 150+ Master Gardeners, I went home to relax and watch Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones. I didn't have the energy to even knit! Everyone was gone, Kelly with her BF, Ethan with his GF.

Baylor went to his friend's house for a birthday party. He said it was great on Sunday when he returned.

Kelly helped her dad in the barn. They are trying to get a new space for the cows that have calves. Somewhere soft and nice. TJ was out in the barn with them all day. Poor little puppy was worn out when he came in. He sat on my feet and slept.

Sunday was another beautiful day. Ethan and his friend Brandon got their pool table for the 'man cave' they are building. It had to be assembled. They got it together by 9 PM. For a couple of teens, they did a really nice job putting it together. While they were waiting for the putty to dry, they went out and flew kites. It's been a long time since Ethan has done that, but he had a great time.

Kelly continued helping her dad and I worked around the house. It doesn't feel like I got anything done. Kel got home at 4, because she wanted to watch Star Wars. We watched Attack of the Clones again. Good thing, since I drowsed through most of it on Saturday. Then Return of the Sith. We are such geeks watching these. The boys were downstairs playing pool and eating all my fudgie goodness cookies.

Tonight... GS meeting, 4H, play practice, lifting, Kaplan ACT practice test class, and Band Parents. hmmm.... and people wonder what I do in my spare time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday... time for the penguin dance

Today is friday! At last. I don't know what we will be doing this weekend. Here are some of the events for our family:

Kelly is going to the cinema with a friend, followed by the Seams of Pride fashion show at Wittenberg.

Ethan will probably go out with his friends. It has been raining all day, so he probably won't be playing baseball tonight. He has a double header tomorrow. I believe he will also be putting together the pool table that arrived yesterday.

Baylor is going to a friends for his birthday. I am sure they will have a ball.

Me? I will be going to the school and work for the boosters. They are having a Master Gardener event at the school and it's an opportunity to earn some money for the boosters. That's the only thing I have planned, besides maybe going to watch baseball tomorrow.

It's been raining in Springfield all day. Last year, we were short by 17 inches of rain. I believe the elements are making up for it.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Starting out

This is my first blog. I am sure it will not be my last. I have enjoyed reading blogs from all over the place. It fascinates me that as different as we are, we are also so alike.

Anyway, today I am working on the Golden Splendor, our schools annual dinner/auction. Somehow I ended up being the chair of this wonderful event and I am trying to confirm all the elements.

I am also trying to get some actual work completed. You know how it is... as much as you enjoy (or not!) your job, you also have days you cannot focus.

Anyways, we live on a farm just north of Springfield. We have 15 beef cows, 8 steers that will go to our county fair, and 8 babies! We also have a lot of cats, two in the house, and a dog.

My three teens are as all teens, up and down on any given day. My daughter is a Gothic princess, dressing in black more than any other color. My older son is a prep all-American scholar athlete. My youngest is a typical farm kid. How do you raise three different looking children? Who knows. All I know is that as different as they are, they all want to watch the Star Wars series starting Friday on Spike TV.