Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a weekend

I am going to try adding photos to this post, so this may have photos (I hope).

The weekend was fabulous. Kelly did graduate. It was glorious. There were 7(!) Valedictorians and Salutatorians. All gave speeches. That's a lot of talking. Kelly's band friends all yelled for her when she went across the stage.

Her dress was beautiful. It was a great idea to cut off a wedding gown. Here is the dress:

Then there were parades. The Catawba Memorial Day parade was Sunday. A beautiful blue sky day. It was perfect. The Springfield parade was Monday morning. The parade was done before the rain.

In other news, Ethan and Brandon, with Baylor's help, built a duck pen. The ducks are in today. They will be too small to put in the pen for about 3 weeks, but hopefully, we will get some meat on these ducks.

Oh, and Ethan and Brandon are growing tobacco for FFA. They came home with 15 plants last night. It should be interesting.

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