Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving in a week

Wow! It's hard to believe we are at the back half of November already. Thanksgiving is in a week. Wrestling scrimmages start next weekend, too. It seems like just yesterday it was September and the semester was just starting. We thought there would be so much time to do all the stuff we needed to do - papers to be written, stories read, knitting to be completed - where has the time gone?

So here is a list of things I want to get accomplished before next Wednesday. What are my odds?

1) Rewrite a paper for my British Lit class. Right now, the paper is a high B and I'm hoping to pull it up to an A. I think I can do that pretty easily.

2) Write a proposal for my Canon paper - I believe I am going to petition to add Queen Elizabeth's writings to the class. I think we kinda glossed over that time period and I love her poetry. Her sonnets bring me to tears with the heartbreaking thought of her dual life.

3) Put together my new bookcases and set them up in the corner of the living room. This will help to clean up the stacks of books in the living room.

4) Wash the filing cabinet in the garage and put it in the laundry room. This will take care of the rest of the stacks - all the paperwork that needs to be kept.

5) Finish knitting Baylor's fornicating deer hat and Mom's stuffed turkey. I am loving the turkey. He looks so cute and cuddly. As for Baylor's hat, this is a little more of a stretch.

6) Make up Christmas stockings for our student workers. I need to have this done by Tuesday!

7) Come up with a menu for Thanksgiving and go shopping. I hate shopping. Hope this works out well.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vote today

Please vote today! Make your voice heard. No matter what you stance on an issue, please vote.

Our country is being run by the minority. Why is that ? Because people who can make a difference don't vote. Don't think that your voice won't be heard - it will. The last few local elections have been won or lost by very small margins. If the issue didn't go your way and you didn't vote, you could have made a difference.

So get out there and vote people! And if you haven't registered, do it today so you are able to vote in the next election. Go to the county board of election web page to get a registration form, register at the county fair, call a neighbor for information, whatever it takes to get out there and take the country back from the craziness!