Monday, December 29, 2008

Five golden rings

Today is the fifth day of Christmas. Did you get your five golden rings? How was your holiday? Did you have family and friends around? Did you enjoy yourself? Eat to much? Have a great time?

I know our family did. I am being a little more reflective on our lives than usual. We have a young man who is a friend of Kelly's living with us. This is the first holiday he has known in years. He sometimes doesn't know what to think of all our doings. Our family gatherings, our joy of each other, our occasional spats followed by everything being OK. It's kind of weird.

He thought I hated him because Kelly wasn't helping much, but the reality is that it wasn't him, it was Kelly. She made me mad because she wouldn't go by the schedule. The cleaning schedule that so needs to be kept up during the holidays. Everyone has their part and if it isn't done, we all suffer.

Ah, well, everything was great despite the corner mess.

I didn't quite get my knitting completed, but had a few other goodies for my sisters and will send off the completed items as soon as they are completed. Of course, as it always does, now that the holiday is over, the knitting goes much faster. Hopefully I will have all the items completed by the end of the month.

The only bad thing that happened was mine. I was moving a hot crock pot and spilled hot bar b que sauce on my leg. I also tried to catch the crock pot and burned my hand. So as I sit and type, I have a big burn on my right hand and a similar one on my left leg. Luckily Mom had silvadene cream and I have been applying it religiously. It is healing, but still quite tender.

Hope you all had a great holiday.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love it or leave it?

Ok, so do you love the Christmas season? or do you have the same old excuses I've heard for years? Too commercial, too much glitz, too everything.

I love the Christmas season. Now my kids don't get tons of stuff. Quite honestly, they don't need it. They get a few gifts from us, and one or two from each of my sisters and their grandmother. Not lots of stuff. I don't give out lots either. I don't see a need for it.

I like Christmas cards, both sending and receiving. I love Christmas carols, almost all of them.

Christmas season to me isn't about the gifts, although I do make a lot of goodies for family members. To me, it's about time spent with people. Going to Cambridge to meet my sister, Lou, for lunch and to wish each other a wonderful holiday. Going to Barb's home for Thanksgiving dinner and dropping all the rolls on the floor. Laughing so hard our tummys hurt. Meeting up with neighbors.

I like to go shopping at this time of year as well. I am the crazy lady wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Smiling and asking other people their opinion. Just enjoying myself and whoever is with me.

So when you are out shopping or whatever this year, I suggest when you wait in line at the register, talk to the people around you. At the post office ask the person behind you if they are having a good day. Then really listen to the answer. Ask questions, tell people to have a happy holiday, enjoy yourself.