Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Berry picking, county fair and camps

The last few days have been overwhelmingly busy. There is so much going on with the fair coming up in 3 short weeks, Steph's baby shower coming up, Baylor away at camp, and berries coming ripe, although I think the berries will be low on my priority list.

I've been out picking berries in the evening for two days and have barely gotten a full gallon. Last year, I could pick a gallon in one spot. It looks like we lost a lot of the canes last winter, but there are lots of new ones coming up for next year. That's fine. I'll pick when I can, but didn't yesterday and won't today. Yesterday I had a training session for 4H and today is knit night!

The county fair is almost upon us. Just three short weeks from Friday, we will be moving in and setting up. It's an exciting time. I love fair week. I need to send in my entry today and get started on finishing things. I have a photo I am taking. There are a few more projects. Here is a list of things I need to do before fair:

  • Make Baylor's scramble steer sign.

  • Work on decorations for the booth

  • Come up with an inexpensive quick adult make n take craft

  • Get prizes together

  • Ballots for the lamp contest

Hmmm... that's all I can think of right now.

Finally, it's 4H camp week, well the end of it anyway. Baylor's been gone to camp since Saturday. He'll be home today. Can't wait to see him. I hope he had a great time. It's his first year as a counselor, not a CIT. He was so excited when he was leaving. Packed up some Christmas lights and stuff to decorate the cabin. Was stopping to get more decorations at Crafts 2000 and goodies at Ollie's. He almost quit, but he was really glad I talked him out of it.

Summer is always so busy at our house, but it's fun. This weekend is the 4th and it should be a great time, with the fireworks and such. Cannot wait!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My baby is 18!

Sunday was Baylor's 18th birthday. It's been a tough way to go, but he made it to adulthood. Sort of. He still has a year of high school and then some college, but as far as the law is concerned, he is an adult. He is intelligent, funny, respectful and hard working. What else could a mother ask for in a son? I love him. He's my baby!

Actually, I am quite happy with this situation. All of my children turned 18 without having children of their own. I believe that is an accomplishment anymore. They are all individuals with various tastes and opinions, no two of which are the same. It's pretty amazing when you talk to these young people who grew up in the same home but are so very different. Baylor obviously enjoys being the life of the party:

In other news, it is hot in Springfield OH. Very hot. We have had 5 90 degree days in the last two weeks. Another 90 degree day today. People who know me know that I have a fascination with sunshine, though. So here's a photo of the sun setting behind our silo.