Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why are men

so dense? I mean, what is it that makes them treat their oldest son as though he is not doing all he can? What makes them treat their daughters as though they are just not quite good enough?

For example, my husband is a good man, albeit with old fashioned attitudes. Our daughter is 18 and fully capable of just about anything. She doesn't always know what her father is wanting her to do, though, because since she started developing as a woman, her father is sort of at a loss.

DH is looking for someone to show a heifer at the fair this summer. He has asked both of the boys, ages 17 and 14. Yes, Kelly isn't the best showman, but she has never been told exactly HOW to show, therefore, she is just learning as she goes. I inquired about showing the heifer. "He won't ask me Mom, I don't have a penis". How heartbreaking is that? I mean what is he teaching her about what she can and cannot accomplish in life?

Second example: My 17 year old son plays baseball in the spring, football in the fall. He is also extremely busy with end-of-school-year stuff, since he is on the Honors tract. Last night, he got in about 9 PM and was working on a school project, having been at a baseball game and an FFA officer interview. His father called him and wanted him to go check out some stuff in the barn, since he was working across the county. Kelly was just at the barn not two hours before, but he didn't call her. Ethan was at the barn for about an hour. Of course, the question came up: Why are you still working on homework.

Now granted, it isn't often Ethan has homework, but when he does, it is time consuming stuff. And he doesn't want any help. So he was up until about 1, finishing his project. There were issues with markers, scissors, etc. I helped as much as I could and he was still frustrated this morning. I asked DH about calling Ethan instead of Kelly. 'Kelly wouldn't understand and Ethan wasn't doing anything last night' was the response. OK, Ethan may not have been home, but he was doing stuff, just not what his father considered important. It was important to Ethan.

So anyway: I wish I had some 'learning needles' with me last night. I could probably have taught the whole softball team to knit while we waited for the baseball team to throw away the game, which they did spectacularly. I started a pair of socks (again, third times the charm) and they were fascinated.

I need to make up some learning needles this weekend. Next week, baseball and softball are away. I could have a captive group. (HE HE HE!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

So much to tell

Back on the farm... life is as crazy and wonderful as always.

A week ago was the school musical, The Music Man. It was a fantastic performance. Kelly has the 'mom attitude' perfect. The leads were wonderful and it was a great show. I loved watching the students do 'the Shipoopy'.

The Band Parent Association (BPA) did concessions. The president of the association and I split the duties with Juniors and Seniors providing for Friday and Freshman and Sophomores for Saturday. It worked out really well. It only took us 4 years to get it right.

This past week was the big push for the Golden Splendor. I was the chair for the first time. It was a success! We had wonderful food, catered by a local restaurant. There were lots of good things to bid on in the silent and live auctions. All my kids were at the event, either working or as a guest. There was soft jazz in the background. It was great.

We worked so hard to get everything together. DH went to pick up tables on Friday. Kelly helped us set up on Friday evening. We were all set up by 10, a new record! Usually it is an all night event.

Saturday I spent the morning trying to decide what to wear. I settled on the black fringed skirt, a white blouse and red cowboy boots. It's a country school, so it works. Even if it didn't this is my style.

Once there, I was sooo nervous, until people started showing up. We had about 180 people show up. It was wonderful. The past chair told me I did a great job, which makes me SOOO happy.

So, what did I end up buying? Well... there was a framed print called American Gothic, but not the classic one. This is the one has a gothic teen. It is so funny and DH thought Kelly should have it.

Then there was the Jets sweatshirt. I found out I was bidding against a friend, so I gave it to her. I have a closet full of Jet gear. She kept offering to pay for it. I told her it's a gift, just take it and love it.

Finally, there is the Cascade ripple throw in ivory.

Now I need to decide what two skeins of Cascade 220 to go with it. I thought I would bring it back next year to auction off.

Well, the next events are Prom and FFA Banquet. It will be the 50th anniversary of FFA at Northeastern, so they are having a special celebration.

For now, I am going to lunch.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Balancing Act

You know those weeks when everything needs to be done at once? This is one of those weeks. I started out fairly certain I could get it all done, but now am not so sure.

Kelly is having dress rehearsals for the Music Man this week. I cannot wait for the weekend. Of course, she needs stuff before Friday. Her hair had to be dyed one color (it is now semi-sweet chocolate brown) and some undergarments that will work for a white blouse. Not a color she usually wears, so not an issue, usually.

We are 10 days from the Golden Splendor. In these last few days, we are soliciting donations. I have been to three places so far and received donations from all of them. Also, am trying to see if anyone else wants a reservation for the dinner. It should be yummy, with roasted pecan chicken, steamed green beans, twice baked potato cassarole, tossed salad and turtle or raspberry cheesecake. I need to call the caterer to see if we can extend the reservation count.

I was going to have dinner with Ruth, a friend I met in a devotional. I had to cancel because of all the other stuff going on. I told her we would try in two weeks.

Of course, the afghan I am knitting is no where near finished. Ah, well, maybe it will be completed next year.

Ethan has baseball this week, a game everyday between now and Saturday. I went to the first actual game last night. Before then, I was only at an inning or two along the way.

Then, on top of everything else, our Band Parent president reminds me we have concessions for the play! I am to call all the freshman and sophomores to ask for baked good donations and a few workers for the concession on Saturday.

Well, only one more week and then I can relax. Only 18 more hours to work this week!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Monday

What a glorious weekend! After a day at the high school, providing concessions for the 150+ Master Gardeners, I went home to relax and watch Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones. I didn't have the energy to even knit! Everyone was gone, Kelly with her BF, Ethan with his GF.

Baylor went to his friend's house for a birthday party. He said it was great on Sunday when he returned.

Kelly helped her dad in the barn. They are trying to get a new space for the cows that have calves. Somewhere soft and nice. TJ was out in the barn with them all day. Poor little puppy was worn out when he came in. He sat on my feet and slept.

Sunday was another beautiful day. Ethan and his friend Brandon got their pool table for the 'man cave' they are building. It had to be assembled. They got it together by 9 PM. For a couple of teens, they did a really nice job putting it together. While they were waiting for the putty to dry, they went out and flew kites. It's been a long time since Ethan has done that, but he had a great time.

Kelly continued helping her dad and I worked around the house. It doesn't feel like I got anything done. Kel got home at 4, because she wanted to watch Star Wars. We watched Attack of the Clones again. Good thing, since I drowsed through most of it on Saturday. Then Return of the Sith. We are such geeks watching these. The boys were downstairs playing pool and eating all my fudgie goodness cookies.

Tonight... GS meeting, 4H, play practice, lifting, Kaplan ACT practice test class, and Band Parents. hmmm.... and people wonder what I do in my spare time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday... time for the penguin dance

Today is friday! At last. I don't know what we will be doing this weekend. Here are some of the events for our family:

Kelly is going to the cinema with a friend, followed by the Seams of Pride fashion show at Wittenberg.

Ethan will probably go out with his friends. It has been raining all day, so he probably won't be playing baseball tonight. He has a double header tomorrow. I believe he will also be putting together the pool table that arrived yesterday.

Baylor is going to a friends for his birthday. I am sure they will have a ball.

Me? I will be going to the school and work for the boosters. They are having a Master Gardener event at the school and it's an opportunity to earn some money for the boosters. That's the only thing I have planned, besides maybe going to watch baseball tomorrow.

It's been raining in Springfield all day. Last year, we were short by 17 inches of rain. I believe the elements are making up for it.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Starting out

This is my first blog. I am sure it will not be my last. I have enjoyed reading blogs from all over the place. It fascinates me that as different as we are, we are also so alike.

Anyway, today I am working on the Golden Splendor, our schools annual dinner/auction. Somehow I ended up being the chair of this wonderful event and I am trying to confirm all the elements.

I am also trying to get some actual work completed. You know how it is... as much as you enjoy (or not!) your job, you also have days you cannot focus.

Anyways, we live on a farm just north of Springfield. We have 15 beef cows, 8 steers that will go to our county fair, and 8 babies! We also have a lot of cats, two in the house, and a dog.

My three teens are as all teens, up and down on any given day. My daughter is a Gothic princess, dressing in black more than any other color. My older son is a prep all-American scholar athlete. My youngest is a typical farm kid. How do you raise three different looking children? Who knows. All I know is that as different as they are, they all want to watch the Star Wars series starting Friday on Spike TV.