Monday, September 28, 2009

College and such

Well, the new school year is in full swing. Kelly isn't going this semester, due to financial problems.
Ethan is at the College of Wooster and Baylor is a sophomore this year.

Kelly is living with her BF. I don't know if that's good or bad, but that's where she is.

Ethan is living on campus and playing football. I try to get to a game a week, but it's a 2 1/2 hour drive up there. It is a beautiful drive and a lovely campus. Their marching band is really good. Ethan is primarily playing Junior Varsity, but has to dress for Varsity as well. He ran in a 'pick 6' on the 20th, so he officially scored a TD in college. Not too shabby. I always like going up to watch the games. It's fun and if I don't have anyone with me, I usually talk to whoever is around. Mom has gone up with me once.

Baylor is liking school about as much as he will ever like school. His interims weren't too bad, with mostly b's and c's and a few a's. I'm happy.

I am taking Ethics of Everyday Life this semester. It's a pretty interesting course, and I think it will be more so now that we are through the 'introductory' stage. Still working on knitting projects and reading books from the library. Busy busy busy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Week at the fair (part 2)

Yeah, I know I am a terrible blogger. My neighbor asked if I was ever going to finish this, so here is part 2 of the week:

Sunday July 26 (Junior Fair Board Day)

This is the day of the beef breeding show. Beef showmanship starts the day, followed by the feeder calves, then beef breeding. Baylor took a breeding heifer, Ronnie. She's a beautiful Shorthorn. Anyways, Northeastern cleaned up in showmanship, as they always seem to do. Hallie from our 4H club won Junior Showmanship. The top 5 in Senior Showmanship were all from Northeastern. Baylor and Ethan did not show.

Ronnie was behaving well all day. Baylor even dropped her lead and she continued walking beside him. She placed all right, just seemed real antsy once she got in the show arena. When B tried to take her out of the arena, some thing spooked her. She ran back into the arena. Baylor and Steve waited a while and tried again. This time, whatever spooked her really spooked her. She drug Baylor 30 feet and stomped on him several times before he let go. She continued running until she got to the fence. Steve loaded her in a trailer and took her home. By the time she got home, she was asleep, so whatever it was wasn't bothering her any more.

See how pretty she is? Crazy as a bedbug.

I think the Expo center is haunted. The darker photo before this on my camera shows 4 orbs. I think this is what spooks the calves.

Later our 4H club worked the ice cream tent. Several of our members suggested we sign up for two sessions next year. That sounds like a good idea and a chance for everyone to be involved.

Monday, July 27th

Today is the slow day. Not much going on, except preparing for the rest of the week.

Tuesday July 28

Baylor was officer of the day for FFA. We monitored the salad booth and worked 7 - 9. Savannah, Baylor's GF, showed her goats and did really well. She is goat ambassador this year. She's so cute. Savannah and Baylor are a cute couple. They have the same attitude.

Adult make n take was today. Kelly helped me. We decorated reusable shopping bags. It was a huge hit. We went over time and used all 25 bags.

Wednesday, July 29 (beef day)

Baylor showed in the first class. He placed 2nd with Victor. Go figure. That calf was so crazy. Guess it's B's year for crazy. Ethan got 4th with Deeds.

After the show, it was Margaritaville at the trailer. We got together for food and drinks to say 'Thank goodness that's done'. It was great fun.

Thursday, July 30

Well, no show for use today. I went to the fair about 5 to vote and pick up Steve. This is weird having so much 'stay at home' time.

Friday July 31 (the saddest day)

Animals are rapidly leaving the fairgrounds. Pens are cleaned and everyone is getting ready for the scrambles. Baylor is in the scramble, but didn't get a calf. He was really upset, but I think a lot of that is from being stomped early in the week. Time to start thinking of next year.

Saturday August 1

Official clean up day. Tumbleweeds of trash blow across the midway where yesterday there were food booths and rides. No one is here except those who make the fair work. Projects are picked up and we all start to plan for 2010. We say our goodbyes and tell stories of the week. Since we all see it from different perspectives, we all have different stories. The stories see us through until next year, making us laugh and cry. They are our hope and dream. Our plan and our ideas. Next year, we all say, I will do better.