Thursday, April 3, 2008

Starting out

This is my first blog. I am sure it will not be my last. I have enjoyed reading blogs from all over the place. It fascinates me that as different as we are, we are also so alike.

Anyway, today I am working on the Golden Splendor, our schools annual dinner/auction. Somehow I ended up being the chair of this wonderful event and I am trying to confirm all the elements.

I am also trying to get some actual work completed. You know how it is... as much as you enjoy (or not!) your job, you also have days you cannot focus.

Anyways, we live on a farm just north of Springfield. We have 15 beef cows, 8 steers that will go to our county fair, and 8 babies! We also have a lot of cats, two in the house, and a dog.

My three teens are as all teens, up and down on any given day. My daughter is a Gothic princess, dressing in black more than any other color. My older son is a prep all-American scholar athlete. My youngest is a typical farm kid. How do you raise three different looking children? Who knows. All I know is that as different as they are, they all want to watch the Star Wars series starting Friday on Spike TV.

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