Monday, May 5, 2008

So much in such a short amount of time

Well, what can I say, life has been hectic on the farm.

Let's see, Kelly and I went to see the always fun Yarn Harlot in Indy on the 29th. It was so much fun. We left Springfield around noon, visited Ewetopia in Troy. A nice little shop. VERY quiet, though. Then we moved on across 70 to Indianapolis. We stopped at Keepsake Fiber Arts

Keepsake is a cute shop. They have just about everything! A lot of goodies and I just couldn't make a decision. Kelly picked up some Cascade 220 in Green and Silver to make a Slytherian scarf. I hope she sticks with it!

I picked up some Cascade Heathers sock yarn in a deep peacock colorway. Lots of colors. Then there were two skeins of a beautiful german yarn in yellows, greens and browns. I reminds me of hay fields.

Then we were off to see the Harlot. Of course, Kelly in a bookstore is a thing to behold. She wanted to buy everything. We browsed, got our books for signing, then I waited patiently as Kelly browsed some more. I met some really interesting people while we were waiting.

Once the Harlot showed up, it was wonderful. She spoke for 90 minutes or more on such topics as 'Knitting makes you smarter' (Something about Beta, Alpha, Delta and Theta brain waves). 'Knitting makes you patient' (think about how you were before you knit! Now you know you have to be patient to achieve that wonderful product), and that people can be rude to you if you knit, but it's always best to have a snappy comeback.

Well, we got our books signed about 10:30, stopped at McD's for chicken nuggets for Kelly and then back home, arriving about 1 AM as predicted.

It was glorious!

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