Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation day

The day is finally here! Kelly is graduating tonight.

I have been asking her all week if she is sure she is graduating. She kept assuring me she was. Now the day is here. I am SSSSOOOOOOO EXCITED!

Commencement will be in the HPER center on Wittenberg's campus. Since I work in the Alumni office, she came in with me and went to practice this morning. I told her I wanted to take her, Robyn and Karalyn to lunch. They all came back and it was fun.

I introduced them to everyone that is actually here. Being a holiday weekend, there aren't many here.

We went to Mike & Rosy's for lunch. Robyn and Karalyn had never been to M&R. It was delicious as always.

Now they are all at home resting. Kelly has plans to go out for midnight bowling after graduation.

The robes they wear are cardinal (boys) and gold (girls). Kelly asked her principal what she should wear under the robe. He asked her to wear something light colored. Kelly does not do light colors. So she took Robyn and some others with her to the Goodwill store. We were there on Saturday and they had wedding dresses for $20. Well, she came home with one!

It is beautiful with an embroidered bodice. We cut off the bottom to tea length, put the original trim back on the bottom, took out the back zipper and added some lacing tabs. It looks great on her.

We don't have photos of the finished product yet, but it turned out great. Her friends will be so surprised.

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