Friday, October 3, 2008

Classes and more

So, it's been about two weeks since I wrote. We survived the hurricane in our inland place. We have had numerous football games, some good some bad.

Ethan did very well at the last game. He had 102 yards rushing and a 48 yard TD. He was so stoked! It was a great win. I hope we do as well tonight, since we have homecoming.

This week was also district soil judging. Ethan went as well as several others from NE. Our team swept the top 10. We had four students go and NE placed first, second, third and ninth. Next step is state soil judging.

Kelly is still loving college. She has been very busy this week, since it is UU homecoming also.

Baylor is worn out from trying to get everything done. It is very cool here and it makes everyone feel tired.

Finally, I am taking a class this semester. It is English 101. I got an A on my first paper! I was really amazed, because I didn't consider it an A paper. She thought it was so good, she wanted to read it aloud.

Well, off to the next step of the race. Three (maybe 4) football games and lots of stuff. Plus my birthday on Sunday!!!

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