Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy Week

OK, so we had Kelly's grad party and I would love to post some photos, but the camera is on Ethan's desk with dead batteries.

It seems as though we are running a hundred miles an hour. I was off two days last week, so the stuff is piled (and I do mean PILED) up on my desk. My computer keeps blinking and I don't know what will stay and what won't.

I work as a demographics assistant at the university. This means I enter data on everyone in our database. I average about 100 changes a day, so you can just imagine what happens when you are off for two days. Add to that the fact that our database is merging to the student side and we have tons of reports for verification. YUCK!!! Leads to some pretty busy workdays.

There is a huge storm system coming through and there is a chance for tornadoes. You just never know. I am fascinated by good heavy storms. The power of nature is amazing. If I didn't have children, I would be a storm chaser.

Well, it is another weekend. So glad for it. Baylor is going to 4H camp on Monday so I have to make sure his clothes are cleaned and ready to go. I also have to clean a path to the washer. Remember the boys cleaning the kitchen? All the stuff in the kitchen the boys moved out to clean they put in the hall to the laundry room! It's an obstacle course through there.

Oh, and Ethan and Brandon were going to move the ducks out to the run today. Hard to believe just two short weeks ago they were tiny little ducklings. I already noticed adult feathers on some of them. He's hoping for about a 10 lb. duck this year. Last year, his squeaked into the fair at just 5 lbs. Yes, there is a minimum weight requirement.

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J.P. said...

I am like you.. I think it would be fun to be a storm chaser! I hope that the storms don't hit you too hard.