Monday, June 16, 2008

severe weather

Everytime we mow hay, it rains. That's just a fact. DH had about 30 acres in our backyard down. It rained.

It dried out nicely yesterday, although not the pretty sage green color most people like for their animals. Just as DH and the boys were finishing up, a big storm blew in. I mean, you could see lightening for miles! The winds were so strong, I couldn't get the doors open to get in!

Ethan got his ducks in a washtub to bring in to the garage. He didn't think they should spend their first night out in a storm. They were snug in the garage last I saw them.

In other news, Baylor is at 4H camp this week. I will miss having my baby home. I know he's having a ball, probably rooming with Austin and Lane. What a group of goofy boys!

TJ went to the vet this morning. He's at a wopping 41 lbs. He got his last set of shots. YEAH!! Now he just needs to be neutered. That will come after the fair. Here's a photo of my baby:
He's a good dog, and smart, too. He was chasing the neighbors chickens and she made him sit and listen and said 'Don't be a dumb dog, be a smart puppy. Don't chase the chickens'. He didn't chase them the rest of the night.


My background --- said...

T. J. is such a sweet boy! I loved spoiling him when I was home. He reminds me of Buddy (the lab mix) when he was that size.


Myownigloo said...

I miss you. I hope you aren't caught in all that flooding. I have friends and relatives in Illinois who I haven't heard from and I'm worried about them too. Stay dry!