Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swap box and raspberries

Woo Hoo! My swap box arrived! It is glorious and actually arrived last week. I am just a terrible blogger.

I will post photos tomorrow, as I don't have my car or camera today.

Things are so busy with our farm right now. Fair is coming up in 18 short days. The black raspberries are in full swing and life is busy.

We have been so busy getting ready for the fair. I am working on some open class projects, Kelly and Baylor are finishing 4H projects, the ducks are getting big, the steers have really long hair! Nothing beats going to the fair.

Black raspberries are really good this year. My FIL planted a few plants about 20 years ago. He died about 10 years ago and no one has really done anything with the orchard and the berries since. The berries grow wild though the orchard and anywhere else they can take root. Baylor and I picked about 10 pounds of berries on Sunday. There are still tons on the vine waiting to ripen.

It's always interesting to pick berries, though. They are in the trees, along the fencerows, everywhere. And the paths to the berries have to be made as you find them. It's a lot of good exercise, bending stretching, climbing. Even though I were jeans and a long sleeve denim shirt, I am covered in scratches and bug bites. But the berries are SOOO good.

We have several loads of hay paid for and that is always good. I have already started shopping for my next box, stopping at several shops in Columbus, looking for just the right things.

Well, more tomorrow.

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