Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Swap box photo

OK, so I finally got a photo I could use.

Anyway, my Summer of Yarn Love secret swapper was SOOO good to me. This is evidenced in the ooohs and aaahs of co-workers, also yarn lovers (one knitter and one crocheter!)

So, here is the photo:

In case you cannot tell what all is there, here is a list:

Two, count them two, wonderful wash rags. I love these. They are great for dishes OR and this is my personal favorite, great as face rags. Bumpy enough to gently exfoliate, soft enough to want to use.

One set of size 6 wooden needles. I love wood and prefer it to metal. Thank you swap friend.

One set of little lamb stitch markers that I am going to have to hide from my daughter, a fellow knitter.

Notecards. I love good notecards and think the written word is sorely going away.

Cologne. Yummy.

Christmas ornaments. How did (s)he know I collect Christmas ornaments?

A candle that made the whole box smell wonderful. I close and open the box just to get the smell over again.

And the piece de resistance: 4 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Wonderfully soft and I cannot find it locally, so I was hesitant. I am a tactile buyer, but will definitely consider this for my stash! I love to pet it. And the colors are so pretty... two shades of green... now... what to create.... hmmm.....



Kathy said...

Just had to say hi after seeing you'd left me a comment. If your daughter enjoys signing I recommend it as a career! Interpreters are in very high demand, and it's an awesome job that allows flexibility and you can work as much or as little as you like! Sorry I'm not familiar with the cattle-but you made me Chi's are abit smaller than yours! Thanks for leaving the comment, getting to know all the other swappers and ravelry peeps is so great...I can boast friends around the world! And now I shall include you! :-)

Myownigloo said...

Lovely package! I have at least one ball of Debbie Bliss cashmerino that might match/blend with the ones you got, so if you come up short, let me know. I got it at a really good price you won't believe, so don't hesitate to ask.