Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When it rains...

You know how it is. We just came off a week at the fair, with LOTS of interesting things to talk about and all I can obsess on is what went wrong when we got back.

I promise a post about the fair, but first, a few woes of the farm.

On Monday, I noticed my husband's car (an old Escort wagon that Kelly uses often) at his mother's house, yet he was at home. I asked what was going on. He said the Escort blew up. Of course, I didn't believe him entirely. He took it to Scotty's to have it checked out. Yep, blew up. Doesn't work. Something in the bottom of the engine broke. Will look for a replacement engine, but it's really hard to say. What does this mean?

Well, if he cannot find a replacement engine, we will have to buy yet ANOTHER vehicle, since Kelly is commuting to college starting in a mere TWO WEEKS! She goes to Jump Start next week. I hope she likes it.

What else could happen, you ask? How about a refrigerator that doesn't work. Yes, that's right. My tried and true, close to 20 year old fridge gave up. Kelly was running groceries up to her Grandmother's house to keep them cool until we can get another. OMG! She said she found some really disgusting stuff in the back of the fridge. Some things she could not identify.

I thought I got all the 'really icky stuff' cleaned out before fair, but apparently not.

Ah, well. Off to a football meeting! We should have a great year. GO JETS!

Oops, sorry.

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