Sunday, August 17, 2008

Football season

is here! This week is the official start of football, but we had a scrimmage on Friday and organization of the team began weeks ago!

I LOOOVE football. We always have such a great time.

Ethan is healing nicely and may play Friday against our arch-rivals (as well as sister school) Kenton Ridge! I hope he gets to play, but his ankle gets stronger every day.

Baylor is ready to play and is really excited. He said at first he didn't want to play, but the closer we get to the season starting, the more excited he is.

Even Kelly is excited. Her first game is August 30th.

We scrimmaged Shawnee on Friday and won! The boys spent the post game at Frisch's and I went home. Kelly had welcome weekend and needed a ride home. She was overwhelmed by all the 'new stuff'... new people, new faces, no one she knows.

Ah, well, that's part of college. We will go through all this again next year with Ethan.


Anonymous said...

Pam -

It's Amy - your coordinator for the Fall Yarn swap on Ravelry.

I just wanted to drop you another reminder that you need to post your Q&A to your blog by tomorrow night.

I've emailed and Ravelry messaged you as well. If you do not post, I will NOT be able to match you and you will not be able to swap.


Laura said...

Tell Ethan to PLEASE have the Jets beat those stinkin' Cougars this year!!