Thursday, August 14, 2008

bad blogger, very bad

I went to my blog and found I haven't written a thing in TWO WEEKS! OMG! It's not like I have nothing to write about.

So, we still do not have an engine for the Escort. The Direct TV is shut off. DH bought a truck from a friend and his nephew was bringing home a bobcat and rear ended a Caddie (totaled) and we are still short vehicles.

Baylor got a concussion at football practice and had to sit out for almost a week. He is fine now and luckily that was pre-season. He isn't very happy, though, because he is doing a LOT of work around the farm.

Ethan was injured in Saturday's scrimmage. I told him he shouldn't talk about never being injured in a game. He was tackling a student from Graham and several others went on top of him. Sprained his ankle really badly. Today was his first day with a shoe on since. He said he did well and he is going to be NE's featured player in the Football Preview!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Kelly went to Urbana for their Jump Start program. She had a great time. This week is a little tougher. Since she doesn't have a car, someone needs to take her to band practice and pick her up. DH usually takes her and I pick her up. Of course, we take doggie-dog with us. He can hear her coming and waits with his tail wagging. Last night, Kelly went out with some friends from the band to the cinema and then to Frisch's for hot fudge cake. Welcome Weekend starts tomorrow.

I have been trying to help Baylor with cattle care, DH with grandma care and keep working. It's a crazy life. Tomorrow is our second scrimmage against Shawnee. It should be good. We are also having Meet the Team night.

Well, I should do some actual work this evening.

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