Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So what are you thankful for this November 26?

I am thankful for so many things:

Spending time with family. How lucky I am that my children and their friends LIKE my husband and I. We don't always get along, but it's wonderful that we all work together for the greater good of family.

The opportunity to be able to make gifts for those I love. OK, everyone knows I love to craft. It's a good excuse to try something new. What am I making now? It's a secret until AFTER the holidays. I would love to make some of those Noro Silk Garden scarves, though. Have you seen the ones the Harlot made? Beautiful.

A job that I like. I don't always like who I am working with, but I do love what I do. I get to touch the future and the past at once. How cool is that!

The ability to learn. I love learning new stuff! And my 'big' research paper is on knitting as relaxation therapy. What a great way to end the semester. Even if I don't get an A, I will be happy because I get to read all kinds of really cool books.

Have a wonderful holiday. Try not to eat too much. Enjoy your time with family. Go shopping on Friday and really freak out people by being HAPPY!!!!!

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