Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is parent a verb?

Apparently in our home it is. I am glad that teens find our home so welcome.

Ethan has a friend that stays at our house often. His parents are both EMT's and often are gone in the evening. Brandon will stay at our house and help out.

Now, Kelly has a friend who was homeless. Since it was 30 degrees last week, we took him in. I don't know what's going on with his family life, but here he is. He goes to an alternative school and then works in the evenings.

So what's the deal? Is parent a verb? How would you handle it if your child had a friend with no where to go? Would you help them out?

This teen is 18 and an adult by all standards, except that he doesn't have a high school education yet. How can anyone in the US or any first world country, consider it acceptable that young people are not getting the most basic education? Is this the 21st century? Or the 19th? This kid doesn't have a bank account of any kind, doesn't have medical care, doesn't know anything about living on his own, except what he's learned by his limited experiences.

Who will teach these displaced children how to really be productive citizens?

I guess our family has the opportunity to see where it's values truly are.

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