Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well. Springfield Ohio may not be on any coast, but we had a hurricane yesterday. Hurricane force winds in excess of 60 mph hit our area of Ohio, bringing us all to our knees.

Schools were closed. My kids worked on clean up today. I hope they thought to take photos, but I would guess not. We had no power at 6:30 last night and as far as I know we still don't.

Doggie Dog would jump at every crash, bash and roll of hickory nuts on the roof. We were lucky. We had very little damage. Neighbors had trees crash into cars, buildings torn down, lots of damage.

The worst is our truck shed blew apart. It was barely hanging on as it was, so no big surprise. Ethan was lucky and took his truck up to the barn to work with his steer. Before he came home, his basketball hoop, that weighs about 1,000 pounds, blew over right where he parks his truck!

With no power, there was no TV, so we entertained ourselves. Baylor made shadow puppets on the wall until 10. Kelly and I knitted by lantern until 11. Ethan tried to plug in his phone to extend the power, then realized why it wasn't working. Then again, we all did that.

Some really good (or bad as the case may be) photos can be seen at

In other news, I am taking a class and probably turned in the worst paper I have ever written. I typed it during the storm and after I printed and tried to get home, I found all kinds of mistakes.

Ethan and Baylor are enjoying their football season. Ethan had a game of peaks and valleys on Friday. There was the fumble where he lost the ball, and the interception where he ran it in for a TD. There was a 52 yard punt return and having it called back.

Ethan also had county soil judging Thursday. He said it went Ok. Northeastern blasted past all over FFA's in the area in both rural and urban judging. Oh, and Ethan was the top at either. Not that I am proud or anything. MY KIDS ROCK!!!!!

So, here is a photo, just for fun

Check out the NIKE swoosh Ethan had his barber, Linda, put in his hair. It really isn't this noticable, but kinda cool.


Myownigloo said...

Wow! Hope you're back to battery (and electricity!) soon. Were your ears burning while you were gone? Been talking about you over at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Tell E that DD2 and I love the Nike swish. Also thanks for giving us a place to park the van out of any danger of more falling trees.