Monday, January 14, 2013

The year so far

Generally speaking, I am a pretty upbeat person.  I like joking around and am pretty quick with a quip when it is needed.  But honestly, this year is shaping up to be absolutely crap-tastic.  A total shit sandwich.  Let me elaborate.

Here we are at January 14.  I should have had a day or two without some kind of emergency, but it's just not happening.  On Christmas Eve, someone pulled up beside me on Upper Valley Pike and told me that the taillights on my car weren't working.  Baylor and Steve looked at it and couldn't find anything wrong with it.  We let it go until after the holidays, since I was off work.  It turned out that we had two choices - about $2000 to replace the tail lights on a 1999 car, or $500 to put in auxiliary lights in.  I opted for the second choice because we cannot afford another car this year.

So now I am waiting for the car to be fixed.  We have 8 registered vehicles, but can I find one to drive regularly?  No.....  The GMC is too tall and Baylor doesn't like when I use a stepladder to get in it.  Also, it doesn't run regularly.  Baylor had his truck, Ethan had his.  The blue truck - Steve prefers that I don't drive it for some reason.  The service truck?  No way.  Kelly had the Escort, the LaSabre was in Illinois. The Riviera was in the shop.

No sooner got the Rivie back than the Escort blew up.  So now Kelly's got the Rivie.  The upside? Ethan is in the Virgin Islands, so I can drive his truck for a while.  Baylor and Steve went to Illinois so B can go back to school and Steve can get the LeSabre.  All is relatively good for a few days.  The day Steve is to come home, Baylor texts me, followed by a call from Steve and later a call from Baylor.  Steve drove the LeSabre into a corn field and had to have Baylor pull him out.  Baylor was sideswiped by a deer on the way - the same side that he just had $4500 worth of bodywork on after slipping on a patch of black ice.  I got to hear a lot about what happened and how mad B was.

On this same day, my manager's father passed away and our database was so unstable.  It crashed a time or two and I am not happy about it!

So the weekend comes and Ethan is due home.  We cannot get him on the phone and have not heard from him since he left.  We try, but it rolls to voice mail every time. Texts don't go through.  Thought he would be home on Saturday, but no Ethan.  We waited around a while, but no Ethan on Sunday either.  About 7 PM, I get a text that he is in Florida and will be home about 2 AM.  What the heck, you got to be at school on Monday morning.

We find out Monday that Ethan is on Academic Suspension this semester.  But all is good.  He has a plan to keep busy until August when he can go back.  He's looking for a job - preferably with a chemistry twist.  Maybe do some community service as a track coach.  Plus he's planning a trip to New York to talk to someone about worm farming. Sounds like he's going to be productive.

Oh, and Kelly and Al will be moving in to the shop in the next few weeks because Al lost one job and got another, but it pays significantly less.  What a couple of weeks.  Hopefully, we will go up from here.

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