Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Semester

This semester I am taking Contemporary American Novels.  I've been to two classes and already turned in a paper.  Amazing, huh!  It seems like it will be a great class.  We are reading a whole list of interesting books for the semester.  I think it will be fun.

Tonight was Sit N Knit at Panera.  What a great time!  We played 'Last Knitter Standing'.  It's a fun game, but I think we could come up with a whole lot more questions and challenges than they have.

Steve and Baylor went to Illinois, so TJ and I are holding down the fort here at home.  TJ is on point on the back porch right now, so he's doing what he does best.  Me?  I'm about ready to go to bed.  I hope I don't oversleep tomorrow.

This morning I woke up to Steve asking when I needed to be at work.  When I told him at 8, he said 'it's already 8'.  Wow!  What a way to wake up in the morning.  Took me about 30 minutes to get dressed and out the door, so I wasn't that late.  I usually stay until 5:30 anyway, so it was fine.

I have two alarms set for tomorrow so if I oversleep, I have a backup.

I thought I would get some additional knitting time when I got home, but Leslie needed some help with a project.  I haven't done anything as far as knitting this evening.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.  I need to work on Baylor's hat and get it in the mail.  Then I have Ethan's hat to finish as well.  I'd like to finish my shawl before too long.  Then I can decide what to do next.

I have some items completed, but need to block and finish them.  I'll take photos tomorrow.  I may even get a Christmas gift done, if I'm not careful!

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shandy said...

I'd love to hear which novels are on your schedule this term. As a newly retired person, i'd like some new titles to tackle. and it would be interesting to know what you thought of them.