Saturday, January 5, 2013

First weekend

It is the first weekend of the new year and life is getting back to almost normal.  I started back to work on Wednesday, so this day off is greatly appreciated.  I cannot believe the whole 3 days that we worked would wear me out so much.  I was exhausted and ended up sleeping until 9 AM.

Ethan is off to St. Thomas.  I hear he made it to Miami and is enjoying his trip so far.  I hope he has a great time.  The turquoise beaches, the beautiful sun and the warm temps... wow that would be tough.  He comes home just in time to go back to school.

Baylor leaves for school on Wednesday.  He's paid his tuition and is ready for the next semester.  This weekend he's just getting himself organized... getting rid of two of his game consoles, cleaning up his room, that kind of thing.

I'll miss both the boys while they are at school.

Classes for me start on Monday.  I have my books and am ready to get started.  I need to get my bookbag out and ready.

For this weekend, I need to run the sweeper, get some of the dishes rid up and work on Baylor's hat.  I have a swap I need to get together.  At least get it started.  Then it will be out in the mail before next weekend.  I also want to clean out the refrigerators.  Both of them.  They are disgusting and there is way too much stuff in both.  But first, I'm going to clean the ice off the front steps.  They have a lovely sheet of ice on them that is dangerous on these warmer days.

Well, I better get on it or I won't get these things done.

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