Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Beginnings

I'm done with my exam, done with my project, done for the summer.  It's time to get in some R&R and to have a relaxing summer.  YEAH!

So, here is the plan for the summer.  Ethan will be home in two, yes count them two days!  I am so excited.  Check this out.  He ran at Allegheny this past weekend.  They had 20 posters of participants from different schools. Ethan was one of them.  It's a cool poster.

Baylor will be done in 7 days.  YEAH! He has Farm Day on Friday, so he's not counting Friday.  Saturday is the NE Band Dodgeball Tournament and he has a team together.  Ethan is on it.  Now if Brandon was home, the team would be unstoppable!  They are calling themselves the White Stallions.

Commencement is coming up and I need to get announcements addressed this weekend.  I have a list that I am having Steve and Baylor check, just to be sure I catch everyone.  I can't believe it's coming up so fast.

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