Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I know it's the day after Mother's Day.  But there are some really amazing women in my circle of friends that deserve a bit of a shout out.

To my knit night friends:  What would I do without you?  We laugh and cry together.  We support each other, not just in our fiber endeavors, but in our life endeavors.  We've only been together for two years, yet it's like we've always known each other.  We encourage each other to push our limitations to see what we can accomplish.  We show each other our favorite (yarn, patterns, recipes, etc.).  You are the sisters of my heart that I love to spend time with.  I am so glad to have met you and have you with this bumpy ride. 

To my church friends: You are my spiritual life line, helping me find my way through the darkness that can sometimes come.  Thank you for your friendship and support during our past few months.

To my sisters: What can I say?  We are as different as night and day, as alike as monarch butterflies.  We disagree, and live on opposite sides of any issue.  Just watch one of us bring up an issue, and you'll find at least one other that disagrees.  Yet, we agree to respect the other's opinion.   We've grown up together and have so much history, stories to tell our children and grandchildren.  Thank goodness for all these forms of electronic communication, so we can talk all the time.

To my friends:  You know who you are, the wonderful women I've met over the years through all the other organizations we've been involved with - 4H, FFA, sports, just our past histories together.  All the times we've laughed and cryed together.

To my daughters: Yes, some of you reading this will be surprised to know I have multiple daughters.  No, I only gave birth to one, but these are all young women who are daughters none the less.  I've watched you grow into these amazing women who are interesting and intelligent, beautiful and strong.  Never underestimate yourself.

All of these women are strong, independent, and have made me the woman I am today.  I am so fortunate to know these women.

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