Friday, April 27, 2012


Sorry I haven't been blogging.  My life is in such disarray.  The roller coaster of life continues in our world.

On March 7, Steve's mom passed away.  It was expected and hospice had called him in about two weeks before she actually passed.  We had the usual ceremonies and lots of people coming and going for days at our home.

On April 13, my mom passed away.  She slipped quietly into death while we were watching Jeopardy.  It was expected, but no less hard.  Lou, Barb and I were sitting with her almost constantly over the days before her passing.  We had funny stories to tell and lots of sisterly time. 

We've also lost a couple of friends in this time.  Goodbye to John Nixon and Marion Neer.  We had a great time while you were here.  My only regret is the things we didn't get to do together.  You think there will always be another cattle show, another fair.  Death lets you know there are no guarantees.

On the good side:  Baylor is my official scholar athlete.  They didn't have this award while Ethan was in school, but now they are recognizing students that have an A/B average at the sports awards.  They announced by sport and Baylor was called up for the wrestlers.  I kept waiting for someone else to be called up but he was the only one!  What a hoot!

He is also going to the Academic Acheivement awards in May.  But first, we have to get through the FFA Banquet tomorrow evening.  It will be a real sob-fest, since Baylor is a senior.  I will have my tissues on hand.  Cannot wait to see what he says.  Another good-bye, though, to my career as a parent in the school district.  It's been fun. 

4H started up a few weeks ago and we have a great, wonderful, interested bunch of members this year.  I think it will be a great time.  We are already making plans for our booth and a club project. 

Ethan will be home for the summer in two short weeks.  That will be good.

So, give your mommas and daddys a hug.  Tell your friends how important they are to you.  Enjoy your time with your kids while they are in school.  It all goes by way too fast.

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Denise said...

So sorry to hear of your losses. You will be in my prayers tonight.