Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kyle Maynard and Marie de France

Well, this week has been interesting. We've had wrestling meets, wrestling superstars, knitting, papers and reading, lots of really cool reading.

Last Saturday was the Wapak tournament. We usually do pretty good at this tournament, but this year, not so much. Our team only had 2 or 3 practices in the two weeks prior to the tournament and just seemed flat. Everyone who placed, was a place or two behind their seed, so it wasn't good. Baylor placed 5th, but he wasn't real happy. Overall the team placed 7th.

There was, however, knitting and reading at the tournament. I knitted my KnitPicks mittens - the February ones - without thought of gauge. I mean, they tell us to use size 1, it should work, right? WRONG! The gauge (after working 2 inches of ribbing and 2 inches of colorwork) is WRONG!!! Major wrong. Like the gauge is 30 stitches to 4 inches and I have 40. I went up a needle size and am STILL not getting gauge. But I am swatching! The swatch is looking good and I hope that once I take it off and block it a bit, it will be OK. I mean, it's about 34 stitches to the inch, so we'll see.

The socks-of-obscure-reference (or the Caladras socks as their official name is) from the Lord of the Rings Sock Club is still being knitted. Obviously, I have no clue how big my foot is, so I started over with the smaller patter. I am almost to the heal (again). Hopefully will have one of them done soon.

And the reading and papers part? Well, we are reading the Lais of Marie de France. Beautiful poetry about knights and ladies and courtly love. I read them at the wrestling meet and wrote my paper on Lanval. The semester is starting out pretty good.
Which brings me back to wrestling. Kyle Maynard was at NE this past Monday. The wrestling team LOVED it. They had some really good conversation with him and Baylor said it was a great time. Kyle is an amazing young man born without arms and legs, yet he has spent his life involved in sports: wrestling, football and now MMA. His life motto is 'No Excuses'.
It's always good when teens find someone who truly inspires them to be better than they are. The team was still riding that high last night when they went to Shawnee and beat both Greenon (66 - 9) and Shawnee (54 - 27). Baylor won both his matches. It was great.

So this weekend we have Ben Logan. Tonight is Knit Night and you know what that means! Chick time!

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