Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Knitting and surgery

Steve herniated two discs in his neck. He messed around and tried to heal them without surgery. Now he has to have surgery. I'm sure right now he was wishing we lived in a Star Trek world where they don't have to actually cut you to heal you. He can barely move. His shoulders and neck are in constant, throbbing pain.

Yesterday we drove to Cincinnati to the Christ Hospital. It was difficult to get down there, since we hit rush hour traffic just as we got to Cincy. Got to the hospital for pre-op testing - blood work, EKG, etc. The doctor didn't like the EKG, so she scheduled a chemical stress test for later in the afternoon.

Went to his doctor's office at the Spinal Institute of Cincinnati. Talked over everything having to do with the surgery. His doctor seems really nice and straight forward.

Next stop, the Brace Place for a neck brace. Of course, they moved so we had to find them. Peek a boo! Where are you?

Back to the hospital for the stress test. They wanted Steve to lay down, but he can't since it hurts to bad. Got that worked out. The nurses and technicians were wonderful. Seth manned the ultrasound machine - he's from Ghanna. Ashley and Laura all worked hard to make this as easy as possible. Really, everyone I met at the hospital was wonderfully helpful - from the nurse who walked us to the registration desk, to the people who I asked questions of. They were great helping us through this part of the surgery. Will let you know how it all goes after the weekend.

Wrestling update

The team wrestled at Washington CH this past weekend. They kicked some serious butt! Baylor went 4 - 1 with all 4 wins being pins. He pinned the kid from CH and was so excited he ran around the mat and into Cameron's arms. I love it when they are excited! It was great. Tomorrow night, they will be wrestling against KR and Urbana. The weekend was made better for Baylor since his beloved Packers won the Superbowl!

Knitting update

Still working on the mystery shawl, the calahdras socks and they winter forest mittens. Added the Sally, the Eco Fairy in the mix, just for fun. She's so cute.

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