Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Season

Well, it's started.... the smell of testosterone and sweat in the air, screams of 'Base up! Base up!' and 'Walk towards the head', the heat of the gym, lots of laughter and tears... what is it? WRESTLING SEASON!!! We officially started wrestling season this past week.

Northeastern's team is tough and has lots of potential. We are a D-3 school and wrestle against a lot of D-1 and D-2 schools and still win. Our first meet was against Lima Catholic Central and West Liberty-Salem. Baylor is wrestling at 135. He beat the LCC kid, a senior. WLS didn't have anyone in his weight class.

At the Duals this weekend, Baylor went 8 - 1, losing only to the opponent from Covington. He placed second in his weight class. The team placed third, right behind Covington and Fairborn. It was a great weekend.

Ethan got home from college on Friday, also. Now we have a house full of young men. It's great to have him home again. He will be home for about a month.

As for Christmas, well I am having a tough time getting out to do any shopping. I need to get done this week so I can finish decorating the house. Not today, though! We have a booster meeting at 7 tonight.

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