Thursday, November 5, 2009

They will know

You know, as your children grow up there are a lot of things you wonder about. I wondered if they knew I was at events, especially sporting events. I wondered if they cared. I wondered what impact there was on them if I was there or not.

Well, let me tell you. They know. They know if there is 500 people in the stands. They know if they are concentrating on what they are doing. They know. Not only do they know, their friends know.

When Ethan was in 8th grade, I got to a game right before half time, just in time to watch him intercept a pass and run it in for a touchdown. I was walking in and could just tell it was him. I couldn't see his number really well, but a mom knows how their kids move.

I was screaming and cheering, as were some friends. In the next play, some of Ethan's friends told him 'Hey your mom just got here.', to which he replyed 'Yeah, I could hear her too.'.

Flash forward a few years to Kelly's high school band concerts. She looks into the stands to see where we (Grandma Penny and I) are sitting. She looks up, winks and there's a little wave. She is looking to see if we are there.

A little further ahead. Baylor is wrestling at Mechanicsburg. Just as the match ends and he wins, he looks around, just as I am running into the gym to watch. The smile on his face is larger after he sees me.

Last weekend I went to Baldwin Wallace to watch Ethan in his last (for this year) reserve game. It was a 3+ hour drive, but he was playing. It is important. I got there after the game started. Some day, I will be able to judge how long it takes to get up to Wooster/ Cleveland. During the game, I didn't see him look into the stands. Not once. He was busy playing ball.

After the game, he was looking around. You know the look, if you are a parent, kind of looking around knowing someone is there. 'I was looking for your red hat.' he said. Sometime during the game, he saw me in the stands. He didn't think I would be there, but he was watching anyway. It is important. They know when you are there and when you aren't.

If you are a parent, please remember to show up. You don't have to comment on mistakes, or praise successes. They know when you travel for hours to watch them stand on the sidelines. Just be there. They will know.

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Sandy said...

200% on the mark. I'm flying just about 500 miles tomorrow, as a matter of fact. My daughter is directing a play; I'll be there! She's assisted before, she's done class things both on stage and behind, she sings in choirs, she played in the bands. Her participation in grade school, middle school, high school and again in college was on going. She wrote music and directed things for her sorority in college, things for her church; but now as a full time teacher, she drives 50 miles everyday to direct her first high-school play.(at a different school then she teaches in) As director, she's in charge of everything. Held auditions, directs, the acting, the blocking, in charge of set design, costumes, make up, the budget and getting an audience. Yeah.......I'll be there.