Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 2010 challenge

I joined America's Knitting on Ravelry and decided to do the 2010 challenge. This challenge is to get things OFF the needles. Since I, like Mary, start lots of projects and do not finish, this is a great challenge for me.

So, in addition to the swaps I do, the projects I enjoy for family and friends, etc. I am trying to finish other projects and get my craft room organized. Wittenberg was great in helping to make this a reality. They gave us from Christmas Eve to January 4th off. YEAH! It was wonderfully relaxing, but here it is not even a month later and I could easily take 10 more days off.

What I've done so far: I didn't take photos of my craft/sewing/laundry room because honestly, I was too embarassed. It was a disaster with cobwebs hanging everywhere like I intentionally draped them from the ceiling. You could hardly walk through for the stuff piled everywhere. So, I went to the Evil Empire (also known as Wal-Mart) and picked up 6 totes... the big ones... to sort what I wanted. They are divided as follows: Ribbon, fabric, books, beads, paintables, kids crafts. After I fill a tote, I sort it. For one entire afternoon, I sat on the floor with a needle and beading string and picked up seed beads off the floor. I also found LOTS of change, which is going towards coach's gifts.

Other things I've completed: The January WTS swap! I made a WTS bookmark for my partner. I hope she likes it. It's 100% alpaca in RED so she can find the book. Didn't take photos of that, either (note to self - TAKE PHOTOS!)

Next on the list is the LYS1 traveling scarf that should be completed tonight, followed by the Ohio Traveling Scarf that's been at my home for about 2 months.

Other projects:

  1. Headband Swap
  2. Versatility
  3. Rainbow dog lead
  4. French Press slippers (I actually have two pair ready to felt!)
  5. Calorimetry (would like to make several of these for a student's community service project)

Guess that's about it.

Wrestling is going well. Baylor has lost a few and won a few. He placed third at the London Harry S. Steele Tournament last weekend. Not to bad, in my book. He is now 18 - 4. One more and he ties last year's record.

Ethan is back at school taking Bio, Chem, Africana Studies and Black History. He wasn't too sure about the Africana Studies or Black History but says he has learned a ton already. He sounded really excited.

I, too, am back at school taking America Literary Survey. We have touched on Emerson and Thoreau. I have to go home and READ tonight, plus make some banana muffins for the team for tomorrow.

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