Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Conversion complete (almost)

The reason I have not written in forever is because we are doing a computer conversion. Yes, a conversion. For the uninitiated, it is a nightmare of changes brought about by a database creator to keep the purchaser of the database off kilter for an extended length of time, in this case about a year. We are taking two smaller databases and combining them into one big database.

So, my fearless co-worker and I have spent the last 7 months working about 35 hours per week on cleaning up the database: removing duplicate records, fixing self-employed records, and overall cleaning up the database. Now the end of cleaning is near. That's not to say that the database is clean, far from it. We still have thousands of corporate records that have no address, thousands that should probably be removed, hundreds that could have been linked to a corresponding record on the other side. Plus doing our regular jobs for 12 hours a week.

Why didn't this happen? Well, our administrator did not want us working on it all that much. She wanted us to maintain our daily jobs as well as do this. Actually, I believe she sabatoged the whole thing. This database could have been wonderful, but instead it's great.

Anywho, in other news, Ethan had a wonderful Spring sports season. He finished 3rd in the area in the 100 meter dash, his 4 x200 relay finished 2nd in the area, and he finished 5th in the area in batting. Yes, he ran track and played baseball. Not bad. He is going to the College of Wooster and is really excited. He received his training manual for their football team, but is still running track. His 4x100 team is going to Regionals. Plus, he is in training for the Miami Valley All-Stars football team, playing June 12. He is having a wonderful senior year.

Kelly is still looking for a job. I hope she finds one soon. She really needs to get some bills paid.

Baylor is working for Folck Family Farms this summer, picking berries and such. One of his wrestling buddies works there, also. He is hoping to earn enough to modify his truck. He gets his license in about 20 days.

We are working to get things together for the fair, and all other things are good.

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