Friday, June 19, 2009

On traveling scarves and the likes

SPOILER! If you are in a traveling scarf group with knitty78, and don't want to see it, please stop!!!

So, for the uninitiated... what is a traveling scarf?

Well, you get a group of 8 to 10 people together and each of you starts a starter of a pre-determined length. You send it to the next person down the line with your preferences (yarn preferences, pattern preferences, etc) and a journal. The next person adds their little bit to it and sends it off to the next person. Eventually, everyone in the circle knits on your item and you receive it back.

Of course, you are supposed to move these on every two weeks, but that never seems to happen. Something bogs down the process and before long you are behind the power curve. Right now I have two (yes two!) from the Ohio Traveling Scarf group at my home. I am hoping to watch some movies tonight and work on at least one of them. Plus, I am making little goodies to go with them.

Anway, here are some photos of the Eastern Traveling scarves:

This is a closeup of the most recent. It is for Knitterphd. She wants purples. I don't really have a lot of purple. but this was good. I used the King Charles Brocade Stitch. It worked out great.

Here is the whole shebang:

Now for some others! Here is Sophistakintta's. She is 14, so I had to do something fun and funky. Here is a close up:

And this is the whole business. Yes, I went a little overboard and doubled the size of the thing. Who would have guessed?

And finally, I believe this is Smileynetta's scarf. Maybe. I really cannot remember, but that would be right in the que:

I don't have a close up of my work on this one. I am also missing j3ssic4's scarf from the photos. I don't know where they are. WIll have to do some research to find them, because I photograph all the scarves I do.

That being said, I leave you with one final photo. Ethan graduated. He is such a handsome young man. I am a proud momma:

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