Monday, April 6, 2009

More spring stuff

So, we are now up to 7 calves with 7 to go. The one without a name is now Baby Girl. Then we have Cassie, Chicago and Tan Man. Chicago and Tan Man were born the same day. I went with the fabulous Super doggie dog to the barn. It was the first day he had really been out in a while, but that is another story. I could here one of the cows in the barn making noise and got there just in time to hear the sqwish and there was Chicago.

Steve had me go out to Catawba to pick up Baylor so we could get Momma and baby in the maternity pen. When Baylor checked Diedre, she had hooves sticking out of her. Steve came home because she was having a tough time. Baylor and I got her in the pull shoot. They pulled a while and there was the biggest calf we have ever had on our farm... Tan Man. He's so cute. I really need to post some photos.

As always, there are a few problems. Chicago has an infected navel and Henry isn't feeling to well. He probably picked up some bacteria from a puddle.

As for Super Doggie Dog... well, when Ethan was gone, he injured his front two paws. Not enough to go to the vet, but it was really sensitive and, like Ethan with his sprained ankle, he lay on the couch for almost a week. He started feeling better just about the day we were to pick up Ethan.

Where was Ethan? He went to Spain France and Italy for a 12 day trip with his Spanish class. He had a great time, but lost his camera somewhere. His friends are going to get him copies of their photos.

Ethan started his final sports season at NE. He is running track and playing baseball. The baseball team is 0 - 6, but the track team is doing great. In his first ever track meet, he placed 3rd in the 100 and 200 and 2nd in the long jump. This past weekend was his second meet. He placed first in the 100, 2nd in the 200 (by a tenth of a second), 1st in the 4x100 relay, and 5th in long jump. He wished now he had run track sooner.

Kelly is still doing well in school and Baylor is anxiously awaiting school to be over so he can get his license.

I am involved in a couple of traveling scarf projects and am really enjoying them. It's a fun way to get to know new people. I really need to figure out my camera to post photos...

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