Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I checked my blog and saw it's been over a month since I last wrote. OMG! Who would have guessed. So much has happened good and bad.

The burns on my hand and leg have healed nicely. They are still brown and look weird, but should be not quite so icky come summer. That's all I care about.

My class has been delightfully fun and thought provoking. We have finished In Our Time by Hemingway and are headed into Spring Break. Not that I will get to go anywhere. There is still work to do and all spring break does is free up my time to work more.

Kelly is getting her act together (I hope) and starting to get into the college thing. I am beginning to see a definite plus for living on campus as there is more incentive to work as a college student, not as a high school graduate, if you know what I mean.

Ethan has been accepted at Wabash, Wilmington and Capital. He is waiting for Wooster to contact him to see what money they are offering. I think it's wonderful he has to choose. Tomorrow we are going to Casey's for a dinner with the National Football Foundation Springfield Chapter. He is receiving a scholarship from them. Next week he leaves for Spain. What a great way to live.

Baylor finished 6th in sectionals in wrestling. This means he just missed moving on to regionals. About 7 boys did go on, but none are going to state. It's kind of sad, really. I thought a few of them would go on, but not so.

We have at last count 4 calves born. Honey had a heifer calf on February 13 that Steve calls Starshine. Shanik had hers on 22, a bull shorthorn calf name Henry. Roxie had a heifer on the 23. Baylor calls her Ruby because she looks just like Roxie. Patchy Cow had a heifer on the 27, but I haven't heard her name yet.

So things have been very busy on the farm lately. Spring is coming, even though it's 20 degrees today.

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