Friday, January 23, 2009

New year, new class

I am in my second class of the school year. It is SOO much fun. It is a reading intensive course called 'The Lost Generation'. I am really loving this class. We are reading Winesburg Ohio right now, and it is really interesting. I am finding I 'know' a lot of the people in the book.

As the oldest person in the class, I have a different perspective on the book than the rest of the students. I find I am really looking within to find the meaning behind the story.

In other news, wrestling is going well. We are not always winning, but we have one senior, three juniors and the rest are freshman and sophomores. Baylor is doing OK, with his record being 13 - 12. He is going to be working with the Pee Wee wrestlers on Sunday. He should really like that. There are a few kids on the Pee Wee team he knows through 4H. They think he is great.

Ethan just got back from Denver. He had a wonderful trip. His photos were fun to look at and the videos were really great. Kelly and I had a good time laughing at the antics of Ethan, Brandon, Josh and Lance.

Kelly is doing all right. I hope her classes are going well, but you never know. She is without a license right now so she is relying on the kindness of her family to get to and from school.

Have a great weekend all.

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