Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wrestling and knitting

These two things, though they seem different, are actually very connected. When I sit at wrestling meets, I knit. Knitting helps me deal with the stress of watching Baylor wrestle.

So, I completed an infinity scarf for Barbara on December 22, while watching Baylor wrestle at the Catholic Central Irish Holiday tournament. He placed 2nd at that tournament. Amazingly so did Cole Howard.

At the Lima Central Catholic tournament on December 30, he didn't do very well, going 3 and 2. He did get his 100th win in, though. I worked on another infinity scarf, this one for Mom. Didn't finish either.

At the Mechanicsburg/ Greenview/ NE tri meet January 5, he went 1 and 1, beating Greenview, but not the 'Burg. He did elbow Tilley in the nose, though and bloodied his nose pretty good. I worked on the scarf some more. Cole got his 100th win and they are now tied at 101 each.

January 7 was the Clark County Clash. Baylor went 5 and 0 with 4 pins and won the tournament for his weight class. It was GLORIOUS!!! Cole did the same thing and they are still tied. It was great that both of them have placed the same in both tournaments. Hopefully, they will continue. I really believe that now that both have their 100th win, they will do better, because the rest is all icing on the cake. I finished the infinity scarf and started a tea cozy, that I promptly ripped out. Still cannot decide what to make for the Christmas party, but I believe it will be the Dead Fish hat - since it's funny.

Next is the Shawnee Super Tri on January 11. It should be pretty good.

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