Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre - Fair update

Well, the Clark County Fair has come and gone. It was an exciting time. We had a ball. Here are the highlights:

Our 4H club tie dyed tshirts to have screen printed with our logo. It was fun, but it took us 4 weeks to get it done. The colors were amazing and all the kids had a good time. If we do it again, we will definitely do it differently, with more organization and more people at once.
I took some photos of Ruby for Baylor's 4H project. He didn't show her because she kept acting up, but he did everything else to complete the project. Of course, Tan Man wanted in on the action. I never met a calf that enjoyed having his photo taken as much as that one.

Tomorrow I will post more about the set up and the fair in general.

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