Saturday, January 10, 2015

A new start

Well, last year was a total bust as far as writing goes.  I was way to involved in the real world to be part of the digital world.  Here are some of the highlights of 2014:

  • Last spring I took two classes instead of one.  One of the classes was Ornithology.  It was a great time and we went on 6 field trips. The other was Pilgrimages.  I added 3 places I'd like to visit to my bucket list.
  • Kelly had a baby boy!  Valerian joined our family in the spring.  He is a little sweetie.
  • Ethan and Baylor graduated from college.  I can't believe both my boys graduated the same week.  It was a very exciting week.
  • I went to South Carolina for a week of enjoying time with my sister, Laura.  My niece graduated high school so we (Lou and I) went to South Carolina for the party and  spent the rest of the week on the beach. 
  • Our 4H club got third place with our booth.  In my tenure as an advisor, we've never placed!  This year, we placed 3rd.
  • I got a lot of knitting done this year - knitting up about 15 completed projects.
Now looking forward to the goals for 2015.  I am a part of two challenges to (hopefully) get my numbers down.  One is a Stashdown project.  What is Stashdown?  It is buying less yarn than you use during the year.  Hopefully, but the end of the year, I'll have a negative change in my stash numbers.  I am starting out pretty well - using up (and staging some) several projects from stash.

The other is a WIP reduction challenge.  A WIP is a Work In Progress.  I am down to 10.  I cleaned up my stash and frogged 12 projects I will probably never finish.  I can repurpose the yarn to some other project that interests me. I haven't started any yet, but plan on choosing one on February 1.

I am also hoping to do some other crafting this year.  I hope its a good one.  I'll be posting photos of the items I complete.

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