Saturday, August 4, 2012

The end of summer

Well, the end of the summer is near and there has been so much go on.  We've had our county fair and Baylor did really well.  We got to enjoy two weeks with Brandon Ingerman - Ethan's best friend and a young man I am proud to know.  I am still working on Camp Loopy projects and going through a lot of yarn without getting anything done.

County Fair

 As I said, Baylor did really well, bringing home 4 blue rosettes - one for his grass hay, one for his alfalfa hay and two for his steer.  He won his class in both the FFA show on Wednesday and the Clark County Cattle Producers on Thursday.  It was the best he's ever done.

We missed one of our integral parts of our fair in the person of Donna Fry.  She was in Alabama at her daughter's house and didn't come to the fair.  We really missed her.  I learned a lot about the paperwork, though.

John Nixon was also highly missed and well as my mom.  It's amazing how you always think that certain people will always be at the fair.  When they aren't, it's very sad.

Brandon Ingerman

It's always great when Brandon is home on leave.  He is in the army and we worry about him when he's gone. He's a great young man with a wonderful sense of humor.  I love that he was home during the fair this time.  We got him a fair pass so he could come and go as he pleased, which was perfect.  The best part is that everyone he wanted to see was at the fair, so he only had to go to the fair and see everyone. 

Camp Loopy

I've been working on Camp Loopy projects and gotten exactly 0 done.  I am still working on them, though. 

Lastly, my poor little wubbie broke his leg earlier this week.  We aren't real sure how it happened, just that it did.  He had a plate put in and is walking on it OK.  Hopefully, he'll heal up well and be good as new in no time.

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