Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 days until fair

Everyone has been working hard. We've had Skillathon and Miscellaneous judging. Last minute details are being completed, including open class and booth decorating. With that, I bring you the hard working crew who worked outside in 100+ degree weather to bring you the Livestock Unlimited booth. I cannot wait until we assemble all this hard work into a beautiful booth.

Priscilla came on Saturday to help with painting. She, along with many others, worked their magic with the hot knife - cutting out the shapes we needed to make our vision come to life.

Leslie and Tina worked on the cow. It's really cute.

Tina worked on our 'gigantic duck', too. It's HUGE! Almost four feet tall.

Stephanie worked on lots of things - painting, cleaning up, designing. She will be an 'official' 4H'er next year and I'd bet she will be as great at it as her sister.

Our pig, Dusty. He's not 'dusty' here, but he is now.

The rabbit... he's about 2 foot tall.

We worked again on Tuesday night because we ran out of cardstock and such. Good thing we still had plenty of paint and styrofoam for designs. This is going to be so much fun!

Bayley working on painting... I don't know if she liked painting the flowers, but she loved painting my picnic table.

Sarah came out to help as well. Leslie (in the background) was in charge of lettering. She did a great job.

Kelly can't help herself. Out of 4H for four years now, and yet she loves helping design and come up with ideas for the booth.

Taylor and Brooke working on stuff. Brooke was winding down and Taylor enjoyed working with the hot knife.

The flowers turned out really pretty. Love the colors.

And my picnic table is definitely much more colorful. It's nice to see something other than the old dirty wood.

Tonight we go to the fairgrounds to set up the barns. Friday we set up the booth and open class. After Saturday, it's all relaxation and showing. YEAH!

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